Jan. 6th, 2017


Jan. 6th, 2017 12:44 am
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I'm going to try dropping the temperature in my place while I sleep. I have a very warm velour blanket that I can throw over my comforter, so I should be toasty. Zara can sleep near me. (She's been hanging out near the heating vent in the bathroom during the day--probably the warmest place in the house. Smart kitty.) Mimi and Harlee won't be able to cuddle, but I'm going to drop the temp just to 65 degrees F, which shouldn't freeze them. I do worry about Harlee a little because she's so thin. She could burrow under the blanket in her room (but she probably won't). Anyway, it's an experiment. I wonder if it'll be hard to get up, though, if it's cold. I should probably drop the temp while I'm at work too.

Any other tips for saving money would be very helpful.

The windshield wiper blade came off of the passenger side of my car while I was brushing snow off of the car today. The entire blade assembly came off, but the post that holds the blade on is still on my car. I'm going to look on YouTube to see if there's a video that will show me how to get the blade back on.


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