Jan. 14th, 2017

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No ice so far. It's been south of us. They're predicting some ice overnight. Whatever. I'm home, so I don't have to worry about it.

I can't believe how much work piled up during the two days that I was out sick. Job security, I guess.

Anyway, I'm off for three days because of the MLK holiday. Harlee apparently has plans for me because she was meowing nonstop when I got home. I fed her quickly to shut her up. Now Mimi is mad because I fed Harlee first. Can I go back to work? (To be fair, I didn't pay much attention to Harlee when I was home sick.)

I have a real taste for French Toast. I don't have vanilla and cinnamon though. I could run get some...hmm. Could probably get it cheaper at Aldi, but I don't want to go out tomorrow while the weather is sorting itself out.

I'm also wondering if you can root cut parsley. I have a pasta recipe that I want to make that calls for a tablespoon of fresh parsley. I don't want to buy a bunch and waste it. I could probably get a tablespoon off of the plant that I have growing, but it probably would kill the plant because it's not big enough. I would like to grow more parsley. (The answer appears to be yes, you can root them, but only if you root them right after they're cut. Phooey.)
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Lazy day so far. (Typical Saturday.) My major accomplishment was making french toast for the first time. Oh, was that good. It amazes me when I make something, and it really is delicious. (Hard to screw up french toast though.)

Harlee has tipped over her water-cooler-type water dish twice, thus defeating the purpose of giving her access to water all the time. Sigh. I guess that I need to keep it completely full all of the time. But she's sassy, full of energy, and doing well.

I've mollified all three cats, so peace is reigning for a moment, anyway.

As for the ice, there seems to be a little ice on my car, but there's none on the sidewalks. All the warnings that we got about freezing rain turned out to be an anticlimax. I'm still staying home today, and maybe tomorrow. Somewhere along the line, I need to decide whether to make the new veggie pasta dish, but I need to go through my freezer and see what's in it because I want to eat down my food first.

I'm going to talk to my mom tonight and work online. And so it goes....
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Tonight, I lay down for a short nap and overslept my mom's call. Oops. It wasn't too late, so I called her back. I'm glad that I did because she was worried that I had gotten in an accident on the ice. Nope, just a sleep accident :) She's doing really well, and apparently, I'm inspiring her to cook and eat more. Excellent. Her computer is on the fritz though, and is being fixed. I'm glad that she told me that because I'd worry if I sent an e-mail and didn't get a response. Funny how we expect certain patterns of behavior.

I originally forgot to set my thermostat back up to 68 F when I got up this morning, but I felt fine, so I left it at 65. This evening, though, I'm feeling kind of chilly, so I turned it back up. If I can leave it at 65 most of the time, though, that should definitely help my finances.

I'm preheating the oven for pizza. I'm debating making scones when the pizza is done. Tomorrow if not today for sure.


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