Jan. 16th, 2017

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I did more cleaning on the bedroom, and I am tantalizingly close to being done. I vacuumed in there and hung pictures, and it looks good. I just need to get the books off of the bed, and empty out a box and a basket. I might get it done tonight, although it's getting late, and I should switch to the kitchen. Far out!

I stopped to get something to eat, and I need to take a shower because I'm a total scuzball.

Oh, and I wrote a blog post last night on my beauty blog. I also worked on following more people on Twitter, and set up Twitter posts for the week. (I also had a moment of the magic of Twitter; I commented about finding my FitBit, and someone from FitBit responded.) Tonight, I need to set up Instagram posts. I might set up my professional blog if I have time.

Feeling pretty pleased with myself....
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I set up my professional Web site, and wrote a short blog post and an About me page. I have to wait until I get paid again to get the appropriate URL though. But that's okay. As my grandfather would say, "I'm cooking with gas!" And it's still early!

Speaking of cooking, though, I need to make some baked macaroni and cheese.


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