Jan. 18th, 2017

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I submitted our proposal for the local library conference last Sunday. I'm planning to submit a poster proposal for the big library conference at the beginning of next month, but I need to renew my library association membership before then, and I can't afford it until I get paid again. Today, an e-mail popped up for mentoring, and I really would like a mentor, but I also need to renew my library association membership before I can do that (but the deadline in early March, so I have some time). Today, an e-mail popped up extending the deadline for a research mentoring grant (Why are all these deadlines being extended? Does no one have time for research anymore?), and I discussed an idea I had with my boss, and she encouraged me to apply for the grant. That will be a bit of work, so I'll need to scramble. Holy cow.

I'm trying to figure out a way to scrape up the money for the membership before I get paid again because that would help.

So a lot is going on, but it's good energy. And I've been productive lately, which will help.


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