Jan. 19th, 2017

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The good news: someone retweeted one of my beauty blog posts. Given that I've written only two of them, I thought that was pretty good.

The bad news: I sent an e-mail canceling a membership in December. Apparently they sent an e-mail back telling me to fill out a form, and I missed the e-mail. They charged me this month, and I could use the money. #$#$%^%^&!

I'm going to try selling stuff this weekend.

I ran to WalMart tonight and bought some cheddar-favored Velveeta shreds (yeah, I know, but it was cheap) and cheddar-favored cheese spread. I mixed it into the awful mac and cheese that I made this weekend, and it turned out to be edible, if a bit artificial tasting. That was a win.

But the left Shift key on my keyboard turns on my Caps Lock, AND IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!

So, up and down today.


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