Jan. 24th, 2017

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Quiet day. My boss was out, which changed the energy a lot. (That makes it sound like I don't like her, but I do.) Did some ground work for some research projects as well as my normal work. The representative for the conference at which we want to present sent an e-mail acknowledging our proposal--nine days after the deadline. He must be swamped. We'll find out if our proposal was accepted around the end of the month.

At home, I applied to have an ad put on my car. I'm not holding my breath because I mostly toodle around in Lincoln, but the application process was quick and easy. I'd probably make only $50 a month from it, but $50 buys a lot of cat food. I looked into the virtual assistant job, but they don't want anyone who already has an office job. (I wonder why? I'm available during the morning during the week.) I looked into another site that seems a little sketchier, but we'll see.

But I need to go manage the hordes. Harlee was freaking out earlier because she wanted to be where I was. (Aww, but she's LOUD.) She seems to have settled down now.


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