Jan. 27th, 2017

Goofy Day

Jan. 27th, 2017 12:28 am
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When I got to work, I realized that there was a visible hole in my pants. It wasn't huge though, so I just toughed it out. I'm wondering if there's a way to fix it or not. Probably not.

I kicked my diet cola bottle at work, and it spewed soda. Luckily, not too much came out because that's all the soda that I have. I need to figure out the SodaStream this weekend.

When I went home for dinner, I put coffee in the coffee maker, and turned it on--and forgot to put water in. I realized it too late to drink it at home, so I made coffee to go, which was rather nice.

I had a delicious supper of fish (flounder), cauliflower, and mashed potatoes. I might be broke, but I'm eating well. I need to have this meal more often.

Harlee is being unusually quiet. I'm enjoying the peace :)

And it's my weekend!

Oh, and 80 people have viewed my beauty blog. I thought that was pretty good, considering that I just started it. And I'm now getting unsolicited people adding me on Instagram. Yes, I'm going to apply for online jobs, but I'm not ready to give up the blog.
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Comcast shut me off. I'm using the hotspot on my phone. I discovered why I couldn't use the apps on my cell phone when I wasn't near WiFi; the mobile data was turned off. I'm still going to stay mostly offline so I won't run up my cell phone bill too much.

The cats are not cooperating with the austerity program. The cats (and I) are eating the food that we have in the house. I have several large cans of tuna cat food that I bought at Aldi. I fed it to them yesterday morning. Zara refused to eat it at first, although she grudgingly ate a few mouthfuls. Mimi ate it. Last night, I fed them the rest of the can, and Mimi refused to eat it, and Zara refused to go upstairs to be fed. I gave up and gave them something else, which they ate with gusto. Luckily, I discovered more food hidden the back of the cabinet, so I think that we'll make it until I get paid without feeding them the food that they don't like. But sheesh, this isn't the Ritz-Carlton. On the other hand, I get to eat fettucini alfredo tonight, so I'm a fine one to talk.

Not buying things is causing another problem; I'm running out of plastic bags to use when I clean the litter box. That's why I don't use reusable bags except when I go to Aldi.

One good thing--staying offline will help me get things done around here.


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