Jan. 28th, 2017

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I'm mostly trying to stay out of politics on LJ, but stopping the people who have green cards from entering the country because they come from Muslim-majority countries is literally making me sick. Or to quote my grandmother's favorite phrase, "What is this shit?" (Though that generation was highly prejudiced, so she might have been all for it.) You can't fuck with people's lives like that! I don't know what to do though. I think that it will take a judicial challenge to get it overturned.

OTOH, it might make more sense for them to try to get residency in Canada and abandon this fucked-up mess.

I did finally print off the phone numbers of my Congresspeople though. One of them is asking for our thoughts about Obamacare, and I'm going to tell him about having to go to a community mental health clinic, even though I had health insurance, while I was in Michigan because my coverage didn't include mental health. Great use of our tax dollars. If I'm treated, I can work and pay taxes, and if I'm not treated, probably not. It seems like treating me makes more sense. I have coverage though work, but in this day and age, a layoff is always a possibility.

Anyway, I feel better for having vented.

I did some stuff online last night and worked on the kitchen some. Lots of cat snuggling. I'm planning to take a shower and throw some clothes on because I'll be more productive if I do. I'm mostly going to work on the kitchen and also make some scones. I might start some bread too. And make my fettuccine, which I didn't make last night.
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Had my conversation with my mom. She's really frustrated. Her computer was being fixed, and when she got it back, they had reinstalled everything, and everything was different. She's going to take it back. She's having problems sending e-mail. She tried to access my Younique Web site, and it was in Spanish. (That's a glitch on Younique's end. However, I don't see it. I'll open a support ticket.) A friend of hers wants to take a trip to Scotland with her, but she isn't sure if she'll be well enough to go. He also is the type of person who schedules every minute, and she may need to rest some days. She's not sure that she'll be able to keep up with him walking. He's told her that he needs to make travel arrangements right now.

I wish that I had enough money to go somewhere with her if she can't go. I don't mind keeping things low-key.

I made my fettuccine, and it was good. And I have leftovers! I thought about going to the store to pick up some soda for work, bread, and eggs, but I really don't feel like going out. I guess that I'll try to get up early tomorrow to get the soda before work, and the bread and eggs after work. (I don't think that I'll get a chance to make bread tonight.) And I'll take out my frustrations out on cleaning the kitchen and making scones.


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