Jan. 31st, 2017

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I know what I want to do when I first "retire"; teach English in Taiwan. Therefore, I need to learn Mandarin Chinese. I've always wanted to learn Chinese. At the end of college, I took two semesters of Chinese in an intensive summer course. I learned that Chinese is very, very hard. Hardest won "B" that I ever got. Don't remember any of it, unfortunately. Given that it's so hard, it would behoove me to start tackling it sooner rather than later. The community college in Normal (around 45 minutes away) offers four semesters of Chinese language classes. Taking in in a kinder, slower manner than the intensive class that I took would help.

I had planned to go to the community college anyway to take math and programming classes. However, I've decided to do programming classes online for the nonce to get more practice in it. So I'm thinking that I'd take College Algebra (online, through the college) and Chinese I (onsite) in the fall. (I actually took three semesters of calculus in college, but do I remember any of it? The answer would be no.)

I'd also like to teach English in Poland, but unless I lived in a city with a large Polish population (Chicago, I'm looking at you), I don't know how I would learn Polish. Annoying because I'm half Polish, but the generation who spoke it is gone.

I'd also need to get a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language, but I can wait for that.

It's always good to have plans :)

The news is still making my stomach upset. Seriously. I've divided between wanting to know what's going on and thinking that I should avoid the news to save my sanity (and stomach). Going to Taiwan sounds awfully good, although they have their own problems. (Namely, mainland China.)

I'm being summoned by hungry cats. Oh, I forgot to mention that my washer isn't draining, and I don't know why. I need to get up early and try to figure out what's wrong. And the neighbor's cat scratched my leg and drew blood. They're mean to him, apparently, and I made the mistake of walking towards him when I went to my car after dinner. We get along okay if I sit down and talk to him.


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