Feb. 1st, 2017

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Advice: my next-door neighbor's cat attacks people, and he's been outside the last two days when I get home for dinner, and I'm afraid that this is a trend. The reason that he's outside is because they're afraid of him and have problems getting him back in, so they know perfectly well that he attacks people. Yesterday, he attacked me and drew blood. I feel sorry for the cat because I think that they are mistreating him and that's why he attacks (these are the people who yell and scream and slap each other), but I want to be able to get in my apartment without being attacked. What would you do? I have no good way to avoid him unless I use my front door, and apparently the deadbolt won't lock on my front door when I use a key.

Also, a neighbor stopped me when I was home and asked who's cat it was, and was concerned that the cat has a bad cough/is choking and needs to go to the vet. I doubt that the next-door neighbors will take him, but I hope that they do. The neighbor also warned me that the cat attacks, but I knew that already :(

I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the washer, so I'm having a service person look at it tomorrow morning. I hope that it won't be really expensive.


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