Feb. 13th, 2017

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The quiche is better warmed up. It's a winner if I put less onion in it. I was wondering while I was heating it if there is such a thing as a Margherita quiche, so I looked online. There is, but it's called a Caprese quiche. It's on my list, although fresh basil is expensive.

I also looked to see if I can get rolled oats on Amazon. I read a frugal living blog that suggested mixing it with cereal. The blogger said that he saves $400 a year doing that. Well, that's airfare to a lot of places. The trick is getting rolled oats that aren't expensive because they're organic. I found something, but need to doublecheck that it really is cheaper than cereal.

Kitty drama is going on because Mimi is hungry, and somehow it's Zara's fault. I've got their dishes soaking. And now Harlee is meowing. A quiet evening at home :)


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