Feb. 16th, 2017

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I don’t know if Mimi got up on the wrong side of the bed or what, but she kept picking on Zara this morning. Zara got fed up, and was fighting back, which, in Mimi’s twisted mind, meant that Zara was being aggressive, so Mimi got more aggressive….Oy. I ran out of the bathroom to break up a fight and tried to chase Mimi downstairs, but she ran into the bedroom.

So I closed the gate, and left her in the bedroom today. It wasn't exactly animal cruelty (although she thinks that it was); she had food, water, a scooped litter box, and a nice soft bed to nap on.

Mimi was making pitiful noises when I got home for dinner, but I left her in there, and let her out when I got home for the night. Zara, on the other hand, was ecstatic, and was letting me know that when I got home for dinner. I wound up eating soup with Zara on my lap.

I'm expecting some money to come in, but right now, I'm down to my last few cents. (Actually, I do have $40, but I'll need to spend it as my copay at the doctor. Damn doctors.) I went through my change to see if I had enough money to get a bottle of soda for work tomorrow (I'm happy to drink tea and flavored water at home, but do like some soda at work), and was thrilled to find a $1 coin among the change. I just got one bottle of soda, though, and am saving the rest of my change in case that I need to get gas. I'm down to a quarter tank. Come on, deposit my money in my account already!

I was probably more thrilled about that coin than I would be spending a lot more money, so I am learning something from this. ([livejournal.com profile] ravengirl, any tips that you have about frugal living would be greatly appreciated though. After you get well, of course! Have you thought about starting a blog about frugal living? )

Just a few more months of this crap, and I'll be on my way out of the hole. Can't wait...although I should be able to save more money because I've learned how to cut expenses. So some good may come out of this mess.


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