Feb. 22nd, 2017

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We're having a problem with mold in the library. We've found several spots with moldy books that we had to throw out. We're currently looking at each and every book in the library to find those with mold, water damage, or general yuckiness. It's a tedious process. I've found that I can focus enough on it to do the job, while thinking about something else. It makes the time go faster.

You can feel the humidity in the air. It's been in the 70s F. I don't know what my boss is going to do about the climate control, although we do have dehumidifiers that we can turn on. I'm glad that it's her problem and not mine.

I ran to the store tonight and picked up bananas as a dessert for me. If there is justice in the universe, I should lose weight because I'm eating healthy. I did last month. (I can see the diet book now, "The Broke Diet" :)) I also picked up cat food for Zara and Mimi. (Harlee, queen that she is, gets special expensive cat food.) I also discovered that I had a full jar of peanut butter, which I brought to work as a snack. It makes a very good snack and is filling.

Someone is interested in the remaining cat carrier. (The other one cracked, probably when I was cleaning out the area by the washer and dryer.) We're meeting on Friday. The person who wanted the cat bed didn't contact me today. I have other people who want it, but I'll wait until tomorrow to contact them because I can't meet with anyone tomorrow morning because I need to get to work early to cover the front desk for a while.
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I had an interesting start to the day; the apartment management called with a "wellness check" because I hadn't picked up a package at the front door. I missed the call, but then they banged on my back door, and I answered and got the package. I never use my front door. I wish that the mail carrier wouldn't leave packages there. I suppose that it's good to know that someone would notice if I dropped dead, although people at work would notice first.

I've been drinking passion fruit-tangerine fruit drink, and it tastes good. Makes me think of Hawaii. Fresh passion fruit juice tastes better, of course. My kitchen is going to be bare of excess food at the rate I'm going, which would be a good thing.

Kind of a crazy, running around kind of day at work. I came home early to do some testing of a new interface to our databases, so I better get cracking. Tired though.


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