Feb. 25th, 2017

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A white guy in Kansas shot two Indian guys, killing one, telling them to "Get out of his country." Someone set a fire at a mosque in Florida. Just what we need, the racists feeling empowered. I'm going to go to sleep soon, and hope to wake up in a better world. But I won't.

On the trivial level, I forgot that bananas for banana bread need to be "overripe," so no banana bread tonight. I have a mix for corn bread that I might make tomorrow.

I did post some things online in some Facebook garage sales.
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Well, Operation Sell Purses was a bust. I got one person who offered me $5 for a nice, unused leather purse. I held off to see if anyone else would be interested, but finally accepted because it's probably going to Goodwill, and $5 is better than nothing. Plus, I'm almost out of cereal. No interest in the other purse. Never heard back from the guy who was interested in the pet carrier. Ah well.

I'm getting bored with the news. I skim the New York Times, but don't have much interest in clicking on articles. Maybe that's a good thing; I have plenty of books to read.

Need to get cracking on working on the kitchen. I got a few things done last night, but still have a lot to do.

Mimi cracked me up. She wants to chew on my cell phone charger, and I told her "No." I was lying in bed and turned my back to drink my coffee, turned over again, and saw her chewing the charger. She gave me a guilty look ("Busted!') and ran across the room. And no, I didn't do anything besides give her a look. She knew that she was doing something wrong.


Feb. 25th, 2017 05:45 pm
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I'm amazed at how much stuff I have squirreled away. I've been rationing my coffee because I'm almost out, but then I remembered that I have some light-roast Starbucks Veranda blend in a cupboard. (It isn't as good as my coffee, but oh well.) Coffee is brewing....
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Mom is still doing well. Her computer saga continues. Anyone have any idea why Outlook will send messages when she's in the store getting her computer fixed, but it gives her a send/receive error message at home? But she's connected to the Internet at home? It's very weird.

The coffee jet-propelled me, and I got some stuff done on the kitchen, and made and ate fettuccine alfredo. But now I've run out of steam, and am considering going to sleep soon and getting up early.


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