Mar. 11th, 2017

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I got my hair cut this morning. It looks a lot better. Eventually, I'd like a short bob, and I'll have to switch salons because I don't think that my stylist is up to it, but this will do for now. And it's cheap.

On the docket: lunch, nap, grocery store, part-time job application.

And study Polish. I almost forgot that I have the Department of State program that I can follow for free. I've been eyeing other programs, but can't afford them.
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The Bridges of Madison County author died at 77 of multiple myeloma, which is what my mom has. That's a worrisome thing to see.
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I learned my first sentence in Polish: "Jestem bibliotekarkÄ…". ("I am a librarian.") One of my language books recommends starting to learn with sentences that have personal meaning to you.

But I had to tangle with the dreaded Polish grammar. I looked up "librarian," and got "bibliotekarz". I went looking for a sound file, and discovered that "bibliotekarz" is the masculine form of the noun. The female version was "bibliotekarka."

But then I looked at the declension because I wanted to say, "I am a librarian." Nominative. genitive, dative, accusative...If I ever knew those grammar terms, I had forgotten them. After looking those terms up, I decided that I needed "bibliotekarkÄ…". then I plugged in "I am a librarian" into Google Translate, and got "Jestem bibliotekarkÄ…". I think that's probably right (if a little creepy because Google clearly knows that I'm female). I just bought a pamphlet on English grammar for students of foreign languages because I'm going to need it with Polish. I think that wrapping my tongue around the language is going to be harder than the grammar though. I sputter Polish words.

Keeps me out of trouble :)

Harlee is NOT HAPPY, so I better appease her. I finally got a chance to steal her pillow and throw it in the wash. Poor baby.


Mar. 11th, 2017 05:42 pm
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How do you make Unicode fonts the default on your computer?


Mar. 11th, 2017 11:04 pm
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Mom is still doing well.

I did the Dollar Tree, Aldi, and WalMart rounds earlier tonight. I bought a flat of baby lettuce plants at WalMart. We'll see how they grow indoors. They certainly look delicious.

I found a text editor that works with the Polish alphabet. I also found out how to set up a Polish keyboard under Windows, but I won't need that for a while yet.

I think that the first thing that I will do when I can afford a Polish tutor is to work on my pronunciation. The word for "I want" sounds like an explosion of air to me.

I'm really resenting losing an hour tonight.


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