Mar. 14th, 2017

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We've been having problems with access to our databases. Faculty have been really upset, and we don't blame then because we've been upset too. It had something to do with local authentication, and IT is supposedly working on it, but no fix yet (and it has been going on for a couple of weeks). Today, I suggested disabling the access to the authentication system, and that worked, at least for on-campus access. Off-site access (including access from our other campus) is still not working. But this is an improvement.

We (that is, I) are supposed to take over the software for the authentication system, but it hasn't happened yet. I used to maintain it in a previous position. I discovered that an electronic resources conference is having sessions about the software. The problems are 1) I submitted a poster proposal for the big library conference in Chicago, and I haven't heard back yet, 2) the electronic resources conference is in Austin, and 3) the electronic resources conference is in three weeks! I spent a bunch of time tonight figuring out how I could attend the conference as cheaply as possible, but I don't know if we'd have enough money for me to attend it. They are offering streaming access to it, which might be a way to go, but the workshops on the software that I'm taking over will not be streamed or recorded. And, also, they cost extra. I'm going to talk this over with my boss tomorrow and see how much money we have to spend. And I'm giving the big library conference a couple more days to review my poster proposal, and then I'm going to politely inquire as to the status of the review. They initially said that they'd get back to us in the beginning of March, but their review must have run over.

Mimi was looking for trouble tonight, and she wouldn't leave Zara alone (at least, until she got fed). I feel bad that Zara keeps rearranging he life to coexist with Mimi (such as sleeping in the closet), but Mimi isn't even trying. She knows that she isn't supposed to pick on Zara, and if I tell her "No," she'll even put herself in "time-out," but she has no impulse control. Well, she is a cat.


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