Mar. 17th, 2017

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Wednesday, I couldn't stop yawning. I fell asleep that night with my clothes on, and slept through until morning.

The sleep helped, but today I have a stitch in my side that started below my ribs and migrated to my back. I'm a little concerned because the last time that I experienced something like this, I (eventually) wound up having my gall bladder taken out. I'll monitor it and see if it goes away or not. If not, I'll go to the doctor.

...And I'm tired again. At least, it's my weekend. Someone wanted to come by tomorrow morning and buy something that I have for sale on a garage sale site, but she didn't tell me a time. Sigh. I guess that I'll go to sleep soon and get up early.
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Feeling better after lots of sleep. The stitch in my side seems to have mostly gone away. I look worn out, though. Dark circles under my eyes. Need coffee!

I'm trying to decide what to do next. I should set up the veggie lasagna up in the crockpot for dinner later.

I'm trying to decide whether to put a vintage designer purse that I have for a one-day auction on eBay, or do it for a full week, knowing that I won't get the funds until next month. By the way, the person who wanted to buy something on the online garage sale site never responded. I guess that something came up.

Zara is a funny girl. She has to get petted and snuggled (most of the time) before she'll eat. Actually, Harlee is the same way. Mimi goes straight after the food.
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No Chinese (so far, anyway). If I manage to test into Calculus, it's not at a good time for me. Class Piano, however, is at a good time for me. There's an online introductory Computer Science class, which works for me.

I need to get testing straightened out.

On another topic, it looks like a good time to sell my unused grow bags (bags in which you can grow vegetables). Excellent.

I actually slept even more, but now I'm feeling rested, while I wasn't before. It worked out well because MImi and Zara got into a yowling fight, and I shut Mimi in the bedroom, but she calmed down because I was in there with her.

Added: Oooh, as a Heartland student, I will have access to their Fitness Center. They have a great walking track. I could load up an audiobook on my cell phone and go walk!


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