Mar. 18th, 2017

Well, Bah

Mar. 18th, 2017 05:50 pm
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Found a missing library book that I've already paid for. I guess that I'll e-mail the library and see if they want it back and spend the money on something else if they haven't replaced it already. There's incentive to work on the kitchen, although it was in a bag of plastic bags, so it was not in a place in which I'd readily find it. Bah. At least, now I know what I did with it.

Mimi's in a cranky mood, and has been picking on Zara. I did have the both of them lying on me for a brief, shining moment though.

People don't seem to be interested in the stuff that I posted on the garage sale site yesterday. C'est la vie.

Need coffee.
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Mom is still doing well, although her hemoglobin has dropped a bit. They're keeping an eye on it. She'd like to come to Illinois sometime and visit, but she gets weekly shots of chemo. I suggested that she ask if there's a way to have the shots done out here. She'll look into it.

In the kitchen, I framed and hung up a listing for the cruise that I want to take and some pages out of my planning book. They look good, and they should keep me motivated on what I want to get done. I got some cleaning and organizing done in the kitchen too.

I need to throw my baked mac and cheese together and throw it into the oven. I also want to set up my crockpot veggie lasagna to cook tomorrow, so I better get cracking on it.


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