Mar. 25th, 2017

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Apparently today was zonk day. Slept late, after a dream in which I stayed in a homeless shelter while I was traveling and learned that the Golden Gate Bridge had fallen down when I got home. My mind is an interesting place to visit :) Took a nap after breakfast and overslept.

Mimi has been following me around and has been meowing at me, and I've been meowing back. She was wiggling on a box, and I was laughing at her antics.

Still no phone, so I'm going to go into work later, and my mom is going to call me. I need to get some stuff done around here before I go in though.

My eBay purse auction people have received the item, but haven't marked it received yet. I hope that doesn't mean that there's going to be an issue. They're probably just busy though.
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Found my phone. It was on the floor in the kitchen, in a spot where it wasn't easy to see. I'm happy :)

Mom is doing well, and she's talking about coming to Illinois. She was wondering if I'd be too busy to see her before the conferences, but I tentatively said Memorial Day weekend, which will be between the two conferences. I'll need to have the poster one done early anyway because I'll need to print it.

Did I say that I'm happy?

At least now, I know what phone I want when I do replace it--an LG G5. But I'm not planning to replace it any time soon.


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