Mar. 28th, 2017

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I left my phone charger at work, and had to run back. I'm glad that I live 5 minutes from work. I had to eat dinner and feed the Fighting Felines first. I had a good dinner of scrambled eggs, and toast and honey, plus raisins for dessert. Nature's fast food. I've decided that I want to learn how to make omelettes. Crepes too, but I think that requires a special pan. If there's an egg cookbook out there, and I could get it for cheap. I'd buy it.

I put in my travel authorization request for the big library conference in Chicago (where I'm doing my poster presentation). It's going to be hit and run; I'm going to take the first train up in the morning (and probably sleep my way up there because it's at 7 AM), go to the conference, do my presentation, go back to the train station, and go back on the train to Lincoln, and get in 10 PMish. I wish that I could spend more time at the conference, but at least, I won't have to find someone to take care of the girls (cats). Boarding Zara will cost me a small fortune when I go to the regional conference, but I don't want to risk her getting out. (Clever, athletic little monkey. Sigh. But she's my sweetie.)

Almost done with my first draft of the presentation for the regional conference. Then I'll send it to my co-presenter, and we'll discuss our presentations.

I'm playing telephone tag with the Illinois Quit Smoking hotline about my patches. My fault because they called this evening, and I completely forgot about it, and didn't have my phone out. (Plus, I've been getting an annoying amount of junk calls, so I don't always check my phone.) I want my patches, yo!

While I was "weeding" tonight, I found a mother lode of 60s and 70s ecology books: Zero Population Growth, pollution ("Don't drink the water and don't breathe the air"), etc. I kept them because we're going to have an Environmental Science degree, but my boss told me to dump them. She told me that a professor called her because a student used one of our books for a paper about the brain and the mind, and the book was written in 1922. Sigh. Yep, that's our collection, all right. Nice anecdote for my presentation though :) This is the first time that I've weeded books because someone might use them. We have some books about medicine that have the same problem though.

I broke the water cooler spigot :( Luckily, there's another one.


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