Apr. 22nd, 2017

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I finally got out to go to the grocery store after several false starts: "Wait, do I have the ingredients for baked mac and cheese? Wait, I wanted to make lemon bars. Wait, I should feed and separate the cats before I go, so that they don't fight." Etc. Anyway, I'm all squared away now. And tomorrow, I will make lemon bars!

I also dropped off books that I don't want at the book drop, but discovered that in one of the boxes, there were tapes from a Great Courses course ("How to Listen to and Understand Great Music"), which I definitely don't want to get rid of. So I'm confused because I could have sworn that the box was full of books. But at least, the charity has nice big bins for the books, and I'm sure that I'll be dropping a bunch off.

I think that I'll work on a few more boxes before I go to sleep....


Apr. 22nd, 2017 02:07 am
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Harlee likes to perch on my chest and shoulder. It's not exactly comfortable for me, but she's the boss, and she knows it :) I enjoy listening to her purr.

Someone (on the Guardian?) wrote an essay about how having an old cat is like listening to an old, sad song. I do have moments of anticipatory grief with her, but her life force is strong at this point. She's eating, drinking, talking, purring, telling me off if I don't pet her right when she wants to be petted, and occasionally slipping out through the gate into the rest of the house. (Mimi and Zara look at her like "What the hell?" and keep their distance.) My only concern is that she is very thin, but she isn't acting like a sick cat. So I'll keep watching her.
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I don't get why kids don't like to take naps. I love them! The only problem is waking up after them, so I'm nursing a cup of coffee right now.

I've decided to stay in today, and go to Goodwill tomorrow before work. I think that I'm going to work on the hall after I uncross my eyes.

I also have some boxes of papers to throw out. I'm pleased with myself that I just quickly sort through the boxes to see that there isn't anything important hiding in there, but I'm not sorting through each and every paper, which would take a while. It's making me make a lot of progress faster.
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Well, I'm getting my exercise. Took four full boxes of papers to my car, and then drove them to the dumpster. Vacuumed part of the hall. Assembled a bookcase. (They screw together; no hammering required.) Ran up and down the stairs bringing books up to the bookcase. Threw out some boxes.

I need a break. I'm thinking about making dinner, but I'm not really hungry yet. Not sure why; it's been quite a while since I ate lunch.

Harlee thinks that I'm tormenting her because I've been doing stuff in the hall right in front of her, and I'm not petting her! Spoiled much? :)

Interesting--saving a file in Notepad adds a newline (similar to a carriage return) to every line. Need to copy and paste before I save the file.


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