Apr. 29th, 2017

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I was downstairs getting the girls' food together, when Harlee came trotting into the kitchen. Oy. I put Mimi's food down and grabbed Zara's and Harlee's food. Went upstairs. Discovered that both Zara and Harlee were in my bedroom, and they were starting to squabble. Put Zara's food down on the bed. Put Harlee's food in her room, and opened the gate. Picked up Harlee, protesting, and put her in her room. Put Zara's food in the right spot. Did I say "Oy?" Zara was really hyper, but eventually ate.

Added: How'd I wind up with three cats that don't get along?

Looking at condos on Panama City Beach, FL. There are some nice places that cost within the realm of reason, but Panama City might be too small for me. Plus, I probably won't want to live near a nonstop party zone. Still, it would be cool to live steps from the beach.
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I had a front tooth come out. Need to find my debit card for my flexible spending account and make an appointment.
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The promised storm is, well, storming. It's not so bad so far, but it's supposed to get worse tonight. It's very dark in here. Zara was cute earlier; she was in the kitchen window, and was trying to paw at the raindrops on the outside of the window.

If I need to corral the cats in one room, all I need to do is lie down for a nap. Instant cats :) Although Zara kept walking over me, and eventually, I gave up and got up.

More boxes in my future....


Apr. 29th, 2017 06:51 pm
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...And the pump on my washer went out. I want a do-over on this weekend. I can't afford to have it fixed right now, so I'll need to get quarters and go to the laundromat. Well, actually, there is one washer and dryer in the complex, but I don't know how frequently it's used. One advantage to the laundromat is getting it all done at once. One small plus is that I'll get more time to read.

Making lots of progress cleaning and organizing. Being slightly annoyed is probably the right mood for it.


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