May. 3rd, 2017


May. 3rd, 2017 01:27 am
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I think that I'm going to start my classes at Heartland in the fall instead of in the summer. Part of the reason is finances, but also time. The class that I was going to take in the summer is a semester-length course crammed into four weeks. That sounds pretty brutal. And it starts right when my mom is coming into town and ends when I do my poster presentation in June. Taking it online as a semester-long course in the fall sounds much better.

I've decided to hire someone to help me clean my townhouse. I'm the only one who can go through the boxes, but someone else could clean while I declutter. It isn't really that expensive. I'm going to talk to a friend at work, and see if her niece would like to do it. She's short on funds because her husband is being treated for cancer, plus she was out of work for a while. She also has taken care of the cats for me. I'll probably ask her to take care of the cats while I'm in Cincinnati.

I went to buy a new CD-player clock, only to find that WalMart doesn't have one. (Are CDs that old school?) I bought a clock radio, but still want a CD player one. If I really want to get up, I should set them both. But my neighbors probably would want to shoot me :)


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