May. 21st, 2017

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My co-presenter got a late start because her husband used the car and didn't clean it out :) But we made it. We got in late and went straight to the evening reception. Now I'm at the dorm at which I'm staying. It's a suite of rooms, and the people in the other rooms seem to be antisocial, which is fine with me because I'm feeling fried. I think that an early night is in order, especially because I need to share the bathroom with the others in the suite.

Our presentation is the last session of the conference. I'm not thrilled about that, but at least, I can enjoy the sessions tomorrow without worrying about my presentation. However, we're going to a ball game tomorrow night, so we probably will roll in late. I might blow off the first session on Tuesday.

By the way, I love how Cincinnati looks. I definitely want to take a pleasure trip here. The campus is nice too.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I put out extra food last night for Zara to last while I'm gone. Zara ate it all last night. She wasn't too interested in breakfast this morning, not surprisingly. I did give her more food, but I hope that she paces herself.


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