May. 26th, 2017

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Mom, buying a bag of SunChips: Maybe I should get an extra bag for you.

Me: Mom, I have a bag of potato chips at home that I haven't eaten.

Mom: Well, we can always come back.

My aunt also sent a raspberry tart here with my mom.

Today, we made it over to the Bubble Tea place to try bubble tea. We tried Passion Fruit and Banana. The Passion Fruit was great. The tapioca "bubbles" though, I could take or leave. They're kind of rubbery with no taste.

We then went thrifting at Goodwill. When we went home, I did a load of laundry.

We ate dinner at Chi, a local Chinese place that I had heard good things about, but never had eaten there. The food was excellent.

We've been talking about various things, and then Mom went to bed early. She said that she's been tired since the last trip that she took to Chicago (about three weeks ago). I hope that catching up on her sleep will help.

I saw an e-mail harvesting ad by Tim Ferris on Facebook. I did supply my e-mail address, and one of the freebies was a list of recommended books by well known people. I've been ordering some of them from the public library.

I'm trying to decide whether to go to sleep or to work on my programming class. I'm feeling kind of hungry though, so I should eat something. My malaise has morphed into a chest cold, so I'm trying to sleep it off.


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