May. 31st, 2017

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Great to come home to a nice restful evening of...kitty squabbles. At least I was able to break it up quickly. Mimi is actually responding to "Mimi! No!!!" Harlee is not handling my sleeping in my bedroom again very well. She was banging the gate earlier.

The rain started right after I came inside. Timing is everything.

Foothill College is looking for a Technical Services Librarian. I qualify, and I miss the Valley, but housing prices have gotten even more ridiculous than they were when I left. I don't think that I could afford to live there, even given that Foothill is offering a high salary for a librarian. And I don't miss the traffic and the people who think that they're more important than you. Still, the Valley has a certain energy that I miss.

I think that my boss misses Springfield. (She's moving back there.) I told her that my mom visited over the holiday weekend, and she asked if we went to Springfield. Well, no.
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I had thought that my stupid cold was going away, but it came roaring back with a vengeance. My boss, who isn't very observant about such things, asked me if I had a cold. I said that I was getting over a cold, and she said "Ew," which I hope was a sympathetic "Ew," and not "Get away from me!" I do hope that I'm not going to give them my cold.

I made a dumb mistake yesterday that is going to make my boss and the front desk worker redo some work. I apologized, and they were gracious about it.

The Internet was down when I went to dinner, but it was back up when I came back. I was wondering if this day was going to be a new low in productivity.

I felt like I needed to lie down several times tonight. I just fed the girls, but I need to do the dishes and take out the garbage. Then I think that I'll crash early, and see how I feel in the morning. I hate to slow the conversion project down when I was gone last week.

I ran out of Harlee's canned food, so I fed her some Soulistic canned food. She loved it, and licked the bowl clean. Anything that gets Harlee to really chow down is good because she's really thin. She seems to have digested it okay. However, Amazon is charging over $4 a can for it. No. Petco has it cheaper. If I feel up to it, I'm going to make a run to Petco this weekend to pick some up and see what flavors she likes.


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