Jun. 10th, 2017


Jun. 10th, 2017 12:29 am
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I took a delicious nap, and woke up at 9 PM. So much for laundry, but that's okay. I can do laundry tomorrow.

But I want to stay home tomorrow, so I made a grocery list, and ran out to the grocery store. I went hungry, so I picked up a few things that I didn't intend to get, but that's okay too.

Now I'm going to eat something, snuggle with Harlee, do dishes, and go to bed.
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I had a bunch of very vivid dreams this morning, and woke up...at 4 PM. Yikes. The girls were hungry and agitated. The mucus traveling around my system had settled in my larynx, and I had no voice. And I'm scheduled to talk to my mom tonight.

Well, the girls are now fed and have settled down. I fed myself, which has broken up some of the mucus, so my mom might be able to understand me. (She has a bad hearing loss, which doesn't help.)

I had planned to dye my hair, but I'm postponing it until next week. I want to have it done before my conference presentation, but that's on the 25th. I need to throw myself together, start laundry, and start scrubbing Harlee's litter boxes.
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Cooling off for a moment. In the middle of laundry and cleaning litter boxes, and dripping sweat.

My dad said that he loves the Great Smoky Mountains (which I confused with the Blue Ridge Mountains--they're a subset of the Blue Ridge Mountains). So I was poking around online to see what a trip there might be like. Found a hotel (actually, condo) I like and a hiking tour of waterfalls, but the place isn't really calling to me. Maybe I'd like it if I was there though. If I did go, I'd want to extend my trip and go to Asheville.

Mom Report

Jun. 10th, 2017 10:25 pm
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My voice made it through the phone call with my mom. Her hip is still really hurting, and she isn't getting enough sleep because she wakes up in pain. She has an appointment at the doctor on Monday. On a more positive note, two fawns were born in her yard. (More positive if you don't think about the fawns and their mom munching Mom's garden!) She said that the fawns were really cute.


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