Jun. 13th, 2017

What a Day

Jun. 13th, 2017 12:01 am
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Oy, what a day. I got into a mild argument with my boss. She's taking two weeks off near the end of June and into July. I asked her if I should contact one of the part timers to cover lunch for the front desk worker on the Fridays that she would be out because I don't work on Fridays. She was annoyed that I wouldn't work on the Fridays. I mentioned that I would be at the big library conference the Sunday before the week that she's leaving, so I couldn't take Sunday off and work Monday-Friday. She asked why she isn't leaving earlier then because she thought that I would be back on Tuesday, but then she said, "Whatever". She's going to ask her boss what she can do. Apparently we don't have the money for the part-timer to cover the lunches.

My crashing headache is back.

Then the head of the search committee sent us the resumes that we've gotten for the Library Director position. Only three resumes. At least two out of the three were qualified. The third would be great if we were hiring a full-time archivist, but he doesn't have instruction experience.

I was pondering whether to skip going out of town, and get regular massages instead, but I found a hotel that's walking distance from downtown Galena and found myself making a reservation. I can cancel through the end of the month though. But I think that my subconscious knows that I need some time away. I really need to de-stress somehow.

I think that I need to meditate and then lie in bed reading for a while. And, I hope, lose the headache.

I also need to figure out how to take a selfie on my camera with my "selfie stick" because the library conference wants a picture of each poster presenter, and all the pictures that I have on Facebook are too small.

I'm not usually a praying person, but give me strength to get through this summer.
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On [personal profile] ravengirl's recommendation, I put a t-shirt that I had worn on top of the washed pillow-bed that Harlee was refusing to use. This morning, she was sleeping next to the bed. Tonight, she was sleeping on the bed. Harlee has to do these things in her own time. But thanks, [personal profile] ravengirl, for the suggestion.
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I've been looking for a good guidebook to Illinois, and I've not been finding much. There are a bunch about Chicago, but not the rest of the state. Maybe that means that I should write one :) I'm semi-serious about that. Working title: The Other Illinois: Get Out of Chicago and See the Rest of the State! It could be fodder for a lot of road trips. And maybe an article or two. I need a decent DSLR though. (It's always something.)

A Road Trip Illinois blog would be a good idea too. It would get me out of the house and exploring. It sounds like fun!

I found a state park about 2.5 hours away from here that I really want to hike. It's kind of hilly (it's in Eastern Illinois), but that might build my leg muscles up.

I solved the problem with my boss about my working days while she's gone. I'm going to take the Monday after my Sunday conference presentation off, and work the rest of the week, including Friday. Including the Sunday, that would be a full week. And then I'm going to work Wednesday - Friday the following week.

There is a horrific fire in a tall apartment building in London. Most of the building seems to be ablaze. Those poor people trapped inside....I hope that firefighters contain the blaze soon.


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