Jun. 19th, 2017

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I had problems sleeping last night. I kept on waking up once an hour. Don't know why. As a consequence, I've been tired today, so I bought an extra bottle of soda, although I don't really want to spend lots of money on soda. But it did the trick.

I'm getting really tired of the project that we're working on at work, although we're making good progress. My part of the project involves scanning barcodes on a cart full of books, checking the call number of the book and fixing it if it needs fixing, and printing out the labels. Sometimes the labels don't print well, so I need to reprint the labels for those items. BORING. But it'll be good when we're done.

My plans for the long 4th of July weekend are shaping up. I think that I'll stay home on Saturday, the 1st, and sleep in and work on cleaning and organizing.

I learned about an exhibit about route 66 in Towanda (including Burma Shave signs! Yes, I remember them!), slightly NW of Bloomington. I also found out that there are gardens, including a Japanese garden, at a cultural center in Bloomington. And the gardens are free. So that's Sunday.

Monday, July 3rd, I'd like to go to Moraine View State Park, which has a couple of short hiking trails and a lake with a beach for swimming. My question is what would I do with my camera when I swim? I'm afraid that it will fry if I leave it in the car. (I have a small waterproof belt for keys and such.) Any ideas? I probably won't swim for very long.

Tuesday, July 4th, I want to go to Peoria. I want to eat lunch at Jonah's Seafood House. (I want to eat lunch there rather than dinner because it's kind of pricey, but oh, does it sound good.) Then I want to check out the botanical garden, and possibly the nature preserve. Then I'd like to see the fireworks show on the river if I can still get tickets. (I'm sure that there are places where you can see most of the fireworks for free, but I don't know the area.) That will leave a gap of time that I won't know what to do with, but I could bring a book and hole up in a coffeehouse for a few hours.

Anyway, I think that I should have a good time even though I can't go to Rockford or Galena. And except for the day in Peoria, what I'm doing is free!
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I've started doing exercises to strengthen my knees. I'm going to alternate days doing exercises at home and at the gym. I just did a set of exercises, and oh, the burn. No wonder I have knee problems. My muscles are weak.


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