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I ran late again today. (This is going to make my blogging a challenge.) I needed to run a few errands in town before I left. I had planned to go to the Route 66 museum in Pontiac, but it closed at 5 PM, and I didn't think that I would have much time there. However, there was a Route 66 outdoors exhibit in Towanda, so I planned to go see it after I was done with my errands.

I couldn't find it. I left my instructions at home, but what I really needed was a map. Now that I'm home, I think that I know where it is. Probably the only street in Towanda that I didn't drive down. At least it's really close to Bloomington-Normal, so it will be easy to go back.

Otherwise, I dropped a bunch of money on cat food and litter at PetCo in Normal. The girls are well-stocked now. And I had a burger, mashed potatoes, and a caramel cashew sundae at Culver's, the best fast food around. There was a weird short rain shower while I was at Culver's. It was just one dark cloud directly overhead. And there was a rainbow afterward.

I need to make a list and go to the grocery store, but I'm taking a short break first.

I think that I'm going to skip the fireworks tomorrow and do stuff around here.


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