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I did get up on time today, although I had some problems actually getting moving. I planned to go to Moraine View Recreation Area today. Then I received a weather alert on my phone. Bloomington is having a thunderstorm with torrential rain and possible hail. That alert also covers the recreation area. It would be over by the time that I'd get there, but I don't really want to walk wet trails. I don't have waterproof boots, although they're on my list. Well, it's summer, so I suppose that I should expect weather like this.

I could stay home. I have a lot of stuff to do, plus I haven't set up the blog yet. I thought about staying home and then going to the fireworks in Bloomington, but watching fireworks on wet grass doesn't sound appealing. (I have a camp chair, but still....)

There is a nature preserve near the Illinois River in Havana, about an hour from here. I could go there (assuming that the weather is okay, but it might have been in the path of this storm). However, there's a restaurant there that I'd like to try, but I don't know if it's open today because of the holiday.

I'm leaning toward staying home.


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