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I requested the domain name for my blog, and it's processing. I tried to buy a WordPress theme, but my debit card wouldn't go through even though I had money in my account. I tried using PayPal, but the processing kept on going around in a circle between the theme payment page and PayPal. I finally sent a message to the person who owns the theme. The person apparently is in Nepal, so that might be why my bank refused the charges. I hope that I can get some theme for the blog.

I wound up lying down for a little while because of a headache. I had a hard time getting going, but a shower helped.

I called my aunt. My uncle is doing well. He had an infection, which might have been the reason for his heart symptoms.

I did a load of laundry.

The cats have been unhappy about people shooting off fireworks...except for Harlee, who somehow managed to sleep through the ruckus. She rules :)

I kind of feel like I wasted the day. I'm going to go downstairs and work on the kitchen.


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