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The weather was nice, so we went back to the Balloon Festival. This time, we were able to see the balloons take off and land. However, a storm developed out in the distance, so they took the balloons down and didn't perform the "evening glow". We ate and took off.

My mom loves the Balloon Festival, so she probably will come back again for it.
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Mom is really taken with Mimi. Mom thinks that Mimi is really pretty. Or should I say, Mom was really taken with Mimi until Zara came downstairs to see what was going on, and Mimi chased Zara away. Little snot.

We went to the Balloon Festival, but they didn't do the balloon launch because of the weather. However, they did inflate some of the balloons around dusk for a little while and we were able to watch them glow. Then it started raining lightly, and they brought down the balloons. Mom had never seen hot-air balloons up close though, so she thought that it was a great experience.

We talked for hours after we got home. She told me that she is planning to take a trip with a friend next year, so it would be a good year for me to take a cruise by myself. We're talking about a trip to Vermont some other time, so I need to learn more about Vermont.


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