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Sort of.

I was scrambling to get stuff done around here because I know that I have limited time to do things. I was working on boxes of papers, which are slow going. My plan is to get rid of the remaining boxes in my condo, then paint (if I paint), and then tackle the garage. I could work on the garage while the place is up for sale.

I'm not sure how I'd be able to paint because I'd need help moving furniture. Maybe I could hire someone to help me move furniture.(?)

Mom offered to pay for some of the needed work on the condo. So part of my task is to find people to do the work and get estimates.

I need to do more research on Master's of Library Science programs and more research about places to live.

I really should call a dentist in case there will be a time when I won't have dental insurance.

And look for jobs. And work on my classes. And eat and sleep.

I had a long conversation with a friend tonight and it felt like a luxury.

I've started feeding the kidz inside their carriers because they'll need to be boarded at a kennel and they'll need to be moved, so they'll need current shots.

I'm thinking that if (when) I move long distance, I'd dump most of my furniture (hello, IKEA?) except for my desk, dining table, and probably the coffee and end tables in the living room. I'd take my books, bookcases, the digital piano (man, am I happy that I bought a digital piano rather than an acoustic one!), dishes, and my clothes.
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My neighbor's garden in Fresno
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In college, someone had a puzzle with a picture of a lot of people at a feast/orgy. Its title was "A Quiet Evening at Home". Totally unlike my life, but the title made me smile.

I'm trying to make a game out of finding cheap food to eat. I bought a baguette at WalMart, and have been eating it with (part-skim) mozzarella cheese or (low-fat) peanut butter and (sugar-free) jelly. Albertson's sells a box of six single servings of macaroni and cheese. (It takes five minutes to make a serving and you don't have to freeze leftovers.) And I've been eating a fair amount of fruit. One of these days I'll make some stir-fry.

My other bit of excitement is that I cleared enough space in the dining room to set up the dining room table. I have a small pile of books there waiting for me to sit and study. (After all, I eat in front of the computer and study at my dining room table.)

Yesterday, I sold five more boxes of books (for a grand total of 14 boxes). I stayed home today and finished up my homework. I'm working on job search stuff and emptying boxes.


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