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I ordered a book for the library that I want to read. it's called Stick with It: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life-for Good. I skimmed it today while I was cataloging it (yeah, I know--occupational hazard). To make a change in your life, you need to make the change:

  • Stepladders (small steps)

  • Community-based

  • Important

  • Easy

  • (Employing) Neurohacks

  • Captivating

  • Engrained

I've been struggling with how to make cleaning and organizing the place important to me. I tend to think of home as a place to drop my stuff, sleep, and leave again (which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy). The book says that people respond to carrots better than sticks, but I think that I'll take a picture of the mess in the kitchen, and schedule it to post on Facebook next week. I can take the picture down only if I clean the kitchen. I think that might work.

I also am going to post a picture of the RV that I like to encourage me to get rid of stuff.

Otherwise, work was work-like. Still plowing through cataloging books. Tomorrow is Friday. (I'm not taking Friday off because I need to cover the front desk worker's lunch.)


Jul. 30th, 2017 04:39 pm
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I was snuggling with the kitties on my bed--and fell asleep a couple of hours again. But now I'm feeling really good.

I'm mulling over the fact that I exhibit a lot of "grit" at work and school, but not on my projects at home. I think that the accountability makes a difference. I'm trying to figure out how to set up accountability. There is a decluttering group to which I belong. Maybe I could make regular posts there of my progress?
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Well, I'm getting my exercise. Took four full boxes of papers to my car, and then drove them to the dumpster. Vacuumed part of the hall. Assembled a bookcase. (They screw together; no hammering required.) Ran up and down the stairs bringing books up to the bookcase. Threw out some boxes.

I need a break. I'm thinking about making dinner, but I'm not really hungry yet. Not sure why; it's been quite a while since I ate lunch.

Harlee thinks that I'm tormenting her because I've been doing stuff in the hall right in front of her, and I'm not petting her! Spoiled much? :)

Interesting--saving a file in Notepad adds a newline (similar to a carriage return) to every line. Need to copy and paste before I save the file.
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My mom (probably) is going to come for a visit at the end of the month. Lincoln has its big Balloon Festival (as in hot-air balloons) then. It's pretty cool to see hot-air balloons inflate and take off, so I've sold my mom on the festival. So I'm using the deadline of her coming as motivation to work on the place, and it's working. I got a lot done today.

My mom has come to the conclusion that she isn't eating enough, and that's part of the reason why she's been weak. I've been concerned about that for a while. So she's going to try to eat different foods, probably by eating out some, to get more nutrition in her. I hope that it works.

The poster girl for better nutrition, Harlee, keeps on getting better. I've tried giving her a half-can of canned food twice a day, and she's keeping it down, but with some soft stools. A little while ago, she was performing a major grooming session, which I'm glad to see.

Rebel Rebel

Jun. 5th, 2016 01:29 am
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When I first started working with the life coach, he asked me to take a quiz to find out how I met expectations. An Upholder meets external and internal expectations. A Questioner meets internal, but not external, expectations. An Obliger meets external, but not internal, expectations. A Rebel meets neither external not internal expectations.

I got Rebel. The not meeting internal expectations is the reason I hired the life coach, so that wasn't a surprise. But whether I meet external expectations depends on the situation. When I was a tech writer, I worked extreme hours to keep from letting anyone else down. Since my illness, I really struggle to keep myself motivated and get things done, but I think that they would be shocked to hear that at work because I work hard and get a lot done. And I enjoy my job, which helps.

I'm learning that sometimes I just have to make myself do things to get things done. Sometimes I get on a roll, which is great, but tonight, I had to force myself to spend an hour working on the kitchen. And I really had to force myself because I couldn't have felt less motivated. But I did it.

I'm going to stay home tomorrow and continue to work on it. I had thought about going to a state park near Bloomington that I'd like to check out. It has a lake, including a beach for swimming, picnic tables, and hiking trails. As well, one of my goals is to get out in nature more. However, I think that you need to be a little obsessive to really get things done. What I really should do is use goofing off at the park as a reward for getting the kitchen organized. (I'm making progress!)
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The combination of and discretionary income has been disastrous for me. Before I moved to Fresno, I had books in bookcases, books piled high on top of the bookcases, and books in boxes. Since then, I've sold 16 boxes of books (and counting). I'm close to having enough bookcases for the books, although I might have to do one more round of culling the books.

I've been giving away most of my pocket-sized paperbacks on Freecycle because I haven't read them in a long time and don't have room for them. However, there's been a couple of occasions where I started reading a book when I was sitting on the floor next to the box, and I took that as a sign that I should keep the book.

One series that I started rereading was the All Creatures Great and Small series. One of the four books is missing, so I checked the missing one out of the library.

Another book that I started rereading was On a Pale Horse, the first book in Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series. During college, I remember reading a copy that was lying around of On a Pale Horse when I was staying up all night as a night clerk at a dorm. I stayed awake long enough to buy the book for myself the next morning and finish reading it. That's a way compelling book. That's especially amazing to me because I don't generally like Piers Anthony; I think that he has some major issues with women. Anyway, I didn't have the rest of the books in the Incarnations series, so I checked some of them out of the library.

Barnes and Noble was selling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at a pretty good discount, so I ordered and received it.

Now I need to read Harry Potter, Piers Anthony, and James Herriot all at roughly the same time. Yikes -;)


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