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Boy, did I conk out. Slept the whatever-that-is-that's-not-novocaine off. They said that I might feel some pain from the antibiotic treatment, but I feel fine. I just ate something, and plan to go get my prescriptions filled. I'm wondering if I should try WalMart first to see if it might be cheaper.

Harlee is telling a tale of woe. She's right; I have been neglecting her, but I need to get going. I'll make it up to her later tonight.
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I overslept and had to scramble out of here to the dentist, but I made it on time. One good thing about Lincoln is that it's small, and nothing is far away.

The good news: I really like the dentist.

The bad news: I need a bunch of work done (but I'm not surprised, and they explained it to me well).

I had a periodontal treatment on one side of my mouth done today, so my mouth is numb. I'm novocaine-resistant, but whatever they used works well for me. I'm having a treatment on the other side next week.

I forgot to get my prescriptions filled (antibiotic and treatment for dry mouth), but I think that I'll nap for a little while and get them filled later.
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I was scheduled to have a root canal today. Instead, they called me and asked me to come earlier for a consultation with a periodontist. The periodontist said that the tooth should come out instead of having a root canal.

So, okay. I made an appointment in three weeks with the oral surgeon. Meanwhile, my tooth is killing me. Oddly enough, brushing my teeth helps. (I'm brushing them about 20 times a day.) Hot food helps. But it's going to be a LONG wait until I get the thing out.


Feb. 16th, 2008 11:47 pm
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The cats are taking a nap to rest up from their daytime nap. Usually the cats will come into the home office when I'm in there, but tonight when I got home, the only reaction I got was an ear twitch from Harlee. They have a tough life -;)

Gratuitous cat picture showing their bed and the new blinds:

Well, I had the phone interview on Wednesday, and they said "Thanks, but no thanks." I haven't heard anything about the face-to-face interview.

The new blinds are installed, and they look terrific. The only thing is that they make the walls look worse.

Someone's coming to resurface the master shower and tub on Friday and Saturday. And yes, they are removing and replacing the shower doors.

I've ordered the new bathroom floor. I need to contact the contractor to tell him that I'll need him to install the floor, but he doesn't need to fix the shower door.

I had my second dentist appointment. They deep cleaned the other side and put in a filling. I have an appointment next Friday for my root canal, but I forgot that the shower resurfacer will be here, so I need to reschedule.
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Today, I had my interview at the company that almost hired me before. I think that I did well at the beginning of the interview, but fried out a bit at the end. At least it's over, which takes some of the pressure off. (I had been studying for the interview.)

Yesterday, I had my dental appointment. Well. They came up with a treatment plan that involves about six visits and a fair amount of moola. I liked the dentist and trust her judgment that this work needs to be done. The one big problem that I see is that she wants me to go to an oral surgeon and get my wisdom teeth removed. I don't have anyone who will drive me to the appointment and pick me up afterward. I'll need to talk to the surgeon what my options are.

I'm going back there on Saturday (to finish the deep cleaning started on Monday).

Monday night, I saw The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. The movie was good at showing what Bauby's life was like after his stroke. I wish, though, that they showed more of his life before the stroke. I didn't get a good feel for him as a person.


Feb. 3rd, 2008 09:16 pm
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I had a nasty toothache late last night. (Yes, I know, my fault for not going to the dentist yet.) I took ibuprofen and benzocaine, and more ibuprofen and benzocaine, and it barely helped. As a consequence, I didn't get to sleep until two hours before my alarm went off.

I talked to the contractor before he came over. This time he seemed to understand what I was saying, and he said that he didn't take little jobs. I told him that I already had a 12:00 appointment with him (something that I already had repeated twice already in the conversation). He said, "Oh. Can I come by at 1:30?" I grudgingly said, "Yes." However, I really wanted to take a nap.

Well, he never showed up and never called. I gave up on him at 3, and went to take a nap.

The bathroom project is turning out to be a real hassle.


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