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I found a nice purse, cleaned it out, and was going to put it in the garage sale box, when I discovered that the zipper on it was broken. I thought, "Well, I should keep it and have the zipper replaced," which is probably why it's been hanging around here. NO. Throw it away, Adrienne. I did. Go me :)

I've mostly finished the living room. (Aren't you glad that I'm live journaling my decluttering project?) I wound up with some stuff that I'm unsure about:

  • An Oreck canister vacuum cleaner that I never use. But I'm thinking that I should use it.

  • A small metal box with a cloisonné cover. Beautiful, but when am I ever going to use it?

  • A beautiful bowl-back mandolin that doesn't play well. But it is gorgeous.

  • A wool blanket from the car

  • The flight cases from when I flew Harlee and Nima from California. They were expensive, but they're also huge. I've never found a good spot to store them.

  • Some baskets. (I could throw those in at the last minute, though.)

I should say that I'm done with the living room except for umpteen boxes of books. But I'm going to do those last. I'd be happy if I got rid of the rest of the junk.

This is exhausting. Pizza time.
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I'm only about an eighth through the living room, and already I have two boxes of stuff to sell. (I'm taking a break because I'm getting a headache.) I'm probably pricing stuff too low, but I really want to get rid of the stuff as well as make money. I hope that I get through all the rooms. I started with the living room because I figured that I'd hit pay dirt. Though I suppose that's true of every room in the house. How to declutter in a hurry....

Oh, and I needed to buy my hair dye from Amazon. However, they've changed it to an "add-on item," which they will ship only if you spend $25. So I bought books. It's a good deal for them, not so much for me. I did buy two packages of dye, so it should last me for a little while.
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My apartment complex is having a community garage sale a week from tomorrow. I'm planning to lock myself in this weekend and decide what to sell and price it. Any garage sale tips? I bought a Kindle book about garage sales; I hope that I'll earn the cost back!

A little while ago, Mimi and Zara were lying within about a foot from each other. I tried to take a picture, but Mimi, of course, got up and walked away. Definite progress! Giving Mimi Prozac seems to be helping.

I was in Chicago Wednesday night through Thursday day to go to a library cataloging workshop. The workshop was okay, but it also made me work on my phobia about driving in Chicago. It wasn't so bad. There was stop-and-go traffic on the freeways when I was leaving, but I expected that. I was so tired, though, that I slept in my car for over an hour after eating dinner in a little town about halfway home. The rest helped. But I'm still tired.


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