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Yesterday, my mom left for Chicago. I hated to see her go, but also was glad to get a little time for myself (and Harlee is very pleased to get "her" futon back). I finally finished assembling the spinner rack for my rock CDs. Allelula. I also clipped some more coupons while watching part 1 of a set of DVDs on the Appalachian Trail.

Today, I finally got my blood test done, so it will get my doctor off my case. There's a lab just down the street from me, which was convenient. However, I got there when it was closed for lunch, so I killed some time in the local garden shop, and found a downright scary overgrown striped spider plant that I liked. However, I didn't get it because I didn't want it to fry in the car. When I went back to the lab, it took a while to draw my blood because they were confused by my doctor's orders, but when they did draw my blood, they got it on the first try (which unfortunately is unusual--it often takes multiple tries). I told the woman drawing my blood that I was impressed that she got it on the first try, and she was very pleased to hear that.

Then I ate blackberry stuffed french toast at Wild Berries, which was very good, but almost too rich. I felt a little queasy, so I went home without buying the spider plant. I tried to take a nap, but couldn't fall asleep.

I drafted my first blog post for my gardening blog. I want to work on developing content that isn't time-sensitive now, but I'll wait to promote the site until after the first seed catalogs are published next year. I also need to set up the Web site for the blog. I also am looking at garden-related things on Clickbank that I could promote. I'm intrigued about plans to build a waist-high planter; those sell for hundreds of dollars in garden supply places. I might try building one and making a video of its construction. I also am intrigued by plans for vertical gardens. But that's putting the cart before the horse; first, I need to create content for the blog.

My plan for tonight is to do my research on what's on sale at Meijer and sort through my coupons, make a grocery list, and then go to Meijer. I also am planning to go hiking tomorrow, so I need to print out directions and get organized.
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Sage, oregano, and lettuce (in front). I'd like to get chives, but haven't found any yet.


I bought the lettuce because I thought that it looked yummy. I might get some more to have plenty for salads. (I've planted some lettuce seeds, but it'll take a while before they come up.)

I made the unfortunate discovery that the attachment to attach the hose to my kitchen faucet is too small. I need to get a larger watering can, but I'll also take the attachment to Lowe's to see if they might have something larger that might fit. There is no hose attachment on the deck.
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I was at a garden conference this morning. It was interesting, and I learned a few things, but I think that the handouts they gave us with Web site URLs will be the most useful information of all. The last session was a question and answer session, and I decided to skip it because I was really tired. I won a door prize of what I thought was a funny looking plant with leaves that stood straight up and green buds with a tinge of purple, and some small purple flowers. It took me a while to realize that it was a hyacinth. (After all, I'm the person who didn't recognize corn when I saw it growing in California's Central Valley. I'm surprised that they let me back into Illinois. At least when I plant things in the garden, I'll know what they are because I'm the one who planted them. Labels would be good too.)

I'm planning to go out later and run some errands, including taking notes on which stores sell which seeds and how much they cost for the gardening blog. I need to work on it this weekend.

But now, it's nap time....


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