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Good news: It looks like the Library Director candidate has accepted the offer, and now HR is doing a background check. There is a possible start date of August 7th, with my current boss leaving on the 1st, so there will be hardly any time that I will be on my own.

I got into a lengthy discussion with my boss about the new resources that we're getting for the new majors at the college. I have a long list of other books to order.

I ran to the store tonight and picked up enough cat food to last until I get paid again. The diet and exercise group that I'm in is into riced cauliflower, which I didn't know existed, so I picked up some frozen riced cauliflower with Italian cheese sauce and some frozen broccoli. I'm planning to make it with scrambled eggs and Italian seasoning. I hope that it'll be good.

It was 98 degrees F according to my car when I went to dinner tonight. Sweat is pouring down my face as I type right now. I just clutched a bottle of cold soda to my bosom. Harlee looks like she melted onto the futon. I'm glad that I'm planning to stay home tomorrow, except that I might walk in the park across the street if I can get up the willpower. Speaking of which, my FitBit was estimated to arrive today and didn't. I looked for a tracking number, but the eBay seller never sent me one. Sigh. I hope that it arrives tomorrow.

Mom Report

Jul. 15th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Mom's pain came back, although this time it's near her knee. She's going to see the pain doctor next week. I hope that he can help. She hasn't been sleeping well because of it.

Mom is stressing because her trip to Europe is coming up, and she's not sure if she should go or not. Also, my uncle has had more fluid around his heart, although the doctor is just watching it right now.

She's been talking about her stress to more people, which is good because she needs a chance to vent.

She's interested in the places that I've been visiting or plan to visit. She wants to take a road trip!

She's concerned about Harlee, as am I. The vet tried to reach me today, but I missed the call. The vet said that she had some ideas of things to do for Harlee. I hope that I'll catch her on Monday and see what they are.
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Harlee is slowing down. She used to wail at the top of her lungs when I put her in the carrier, but except for when I first put her in the carrier, she just meowed the whole time.

She's lost two pounds, which is not good. I think that when I run out of this batch of the Blue Buffalo food, I'll just feed her the Soulistic, which she loves. She's not dehydrated though, which is good. She got her shots. I asked them to run blood work to check her kidney function, and they'll call back later with the results.

Harlee is resting up from her ordeal. She isn't hiding though. I'm going to eat a bite of lunch, and then I think that I'll go to the coffeeshop for some iced chai and read. I also want to take a walk in the park across the street. Then I'll come home and start cleaning.
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Well, I started on the mental illness blog. I've got a domain and WordPress theme. Now I need to wait until the domain processes.

Time to snuggle cats and sleep. Oh, and bring out Harlee's dreaded C-A-R-R-I-E-R.
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Because I've been getting up so early, I woke up before my alarm went off and ran with it. Getting up early gave me time to run to the post office before work, and still get into work early.

A bit of good news: the pay cut doesn't affect our part-time workers. I went to a town hall meeting about the cuts, and there was nothing earth-shattering to add. I wrote my dad about and he asked me if I was going to look for another job. Not quite right now, but that gives me added incentive to cull my stuff.

Another bit of good news: I called a reference for our top candidate for the Library Director job, and she was very positive about him.

And a final bit of good news: I'm off for three days. But I need to take Harlee to the V-E-T for a checkup tomorrow, which is always fun. Not.


Jul. 9th, 2017 12:02 pm
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Given that the road trip blog isn't completely set up, I decided to stay home and continue cleaning. I made progress yesterday, and want to keep going.

The cats are silly about their food. Mimi was making a big fuss until I fed her. Did she finish her food? No! Zara hasn't either, but at least she doesn't fuss. Harlee finishes her food if I give her the "good stuff". I think that she's gained some weight, which is great. She's way too thin.

I Give Up

Jul. 2nd, 2017 08:41 pm
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I finished making my macaroni and cheese in time to gulp some down before the fireworks in Lincoln. I had printed off directions to the Park District center earlier. I threw myself together to go.

The directions were nowhere to be found.

I booted up my computer, but it takes forever. I got the directions printed off about the time that I planned to be there.

So I give up. I'm now planning to go to Bloomington's fireworks show on the 4th. I'll be in the area anyway because I'm planning to go to Moraine View Recreation Area that day. Some days, you just gotta say, "Whatever".

Mimi jumped when they set off test fireworks, so it'll be good for her if I'm home while they're going off. Harlee and Zara seem pretty blasé.
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Yes, I was exhausted. I fell asleep with the lights on after feeding the hordes. (Zara likes it if I hang around when she's eating.) I think that I got 10 hours of sleep?

This morning, I've been sending e-mails about interviews for the Library Director position. I e-mailed my boss, telling her that I'll need to tell the part-timers that she's leaving because we're going to set up a "meet and greet" with the staff members. She sent an e-mail to two staff members, and asked me to call the one for whom we don't have an e-mail address.

Mimi thinks that a lap is incomplete without a cat :) Harlee is meowing.
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The front desk worker had a family emergency and was out of town. My boss apparently asked her husband to bring her some lunch so that she could cover the desk, and he was still there when I came in. They're taking a vacation in Iceland, so we talked about that. We talked about the candidates for the Library Director position. Then her husband asked me if I was applying for the Library Director position. I said, "Noooo."

Harlee scared the hell out of me last night and this morning. Last night, she started to get up, but fell back down. I was wondering if she had a stroke or something like that. But later, she got up and walked around, so she seemed to be okay. This morning, she was curled up on her pillow, and from the angle at which I was looking at her, I couldn't see her breathing. I said, "Harlee???" and she popped her head up. She's eating, drinking, purring, and meowing, so she's okay. She's a tough old lady.

My knee was bothering me today, so I think that I'm overstressing it. I skipped the gym tonight, and will go tomorrow.

I need to get into work early for phone interviews with the Library Director candidates tomorrow, so I'm going to go get everything organized for tomorrow morning, read a little, and go to bed early.
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I've been tired all day. But I got my tired butt to the gym today. Go me. I get a gold star. (Literally--I have some stars and dots to put on a calendar when I do a habit that I'm changing.) I walked a mile on the treadmill and did some leg work on the machines. I wish they wouldn't blast music, however. I was trying to listen to an audiobook, and was hearing only part of it. Anyway, I'll turn myself into SuperHiker yet! It's a start!

Zara is being Miss Hissy Face right now. I was trying to get a notebook and my cell phone from the bed before I left for work, and she smacked me. It was starting to be a replay of when she scratched me. This time I was smart, and threw a light blanket over her. She disentangled herself from the blanket and did move away, but not before giving me a loud hiss. (By the way, the scratches are healing well.)

I'm interested in the audiobook (The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage), so I'm going to do some cleaning while listening to it. (See, it's changing my habits already!) But I better go talk to Harlee first because she's being very vocal. And loud.
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Harlee is finally lounging on her pillow-bed. [personal profile] ravengirl was probably right that Harlee didn't like the scent of the laundry detergent. Maybe I could get a small bottle of unscented detergent for cat stuff?


Jun. 16th, 2017 10:43 pm
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Oy. I accidentally stepped on Mimi's tail, and she promptly attacked Zara, and they got into a huge, yowling fight. I've got them split up now. Harlee heard me yelling, and started meowing in the middle of it.

I did start on the bedroom, and was working on emptying a chest filled with clothes that I don't wear, when my mom called. She got the weekends confused as to when I'm going to give my presentation. We hung up quickly, and will talk tomorrow.

I finished two loads of laundry, and one blog post for my professional blog.

Oh, and I've got my gym bag ready to use. I don't know where the shorts went that I wear to the gym in the summer, but I found some nylon capris that shouldn't be too hot. Now all I have to do is go there!

No Go

Jun. 16th, 2017 12:16 am
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I'm not going to be able to take the trip over the 4th of July long weekend. Apparently we're going to get paid on July 3rd, instead of the 30th, like I thought. The reason is that the 1st is falling on a weekend, and it's the beginning of the fiscal year, so they can't pay us early. Bummer.

But! I decided to see if Peoria (about a half-hour from here, not counting travel time in Peoria) had a botanical garden, and indeed, it does. They have guided tours on Sundays for $2. I definitely want to go over the 4th of July weekend.

Peoria also has a "nature preserve" with trails.

There also is a state park in Eastern Illinois (about 1.5 hours from here) that I'd like to check out. The same area has a lake with trails.

There also are a couple of spots in the area with lakes where you can swim. I think that I can keep myself amused and destress.

My cats, however, are not amused and are stressy. Zara scratched me this morning. I was trying to put my phone on its charging cord, and apparently I was too close to Zara's head. To be fair, she warned me, but I wanted to put my phone away and then jump in the shower because I was running late for work. She broke the skin on my arm, but it didn't bleed, so I need to keep an eye on the scratches. I might have some peroxide to put on it in my linen closet.

Harlee wanted me to come in and pet her when I was home for dinner. I told her that I needed to go back to work, but that I was going to be home tomorrow. She replied, "MMMMMMEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWW" and shook her paw at me. I have no doubt that I was being told. (I told my mom that I thought that Harlee was getting more and more crotchety in her old age. My mom said, "Harlee, I know exactly how you feel. :))

Mimi is annoyed that I'm busy typing when she is HUNGRY! (Their dishes are soaking in the sink.)

I have a lot to do this weekend, so I need to make a list. I want to take a walk in the nature preserve across the road from me though. And go to the gym and work on strengthening my bad knees.
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On [personal profile] ravengirl's recommendation, I put a t-shirt that I had worn on top of the washed pillow-bed that Harlee was refusing to use. This morning, she was sleeping next to the bed. Tonight, she was sleeping on the bed. Harlee has to do these things in her own time. But thanks, [personal profile] ravengirl, for the suggestion.
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I washed Harlee's disgusting pillow-bed, and now she's refusing to lie on it. Sigh. Her room smells good though!


Jun. 10th, 2017 12:29 am
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I took a delicious nap, and woke up at 9 PM. So much for laundry, but that's okay. I can do laundry tomorrow.

But I want to stay home tomorrow, so I made a grocery list, and ran out to the grocery store. I went hungry, so I picked up a few things that I didn't intend to get, but that's okay too.

Now I'm going to eat something, snuggle with Harlee, do dishes, and go to bed.
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I drove up to Bloomington and got my car's oil changed and a new windshield wiper put on. While I waited, I called the vet and made an appointment for Harlee on next Friday. The printer got back to me about the poster. I checked with my boss that the cost was okay, and I e-mailed him back to print the poster.

Afterward, I ran errands. I drove toward AT&T to get a new cell phone charger. I had been having problems charging my phone, and I thought that it was a problem with the phone, but my car cell phone charger worked perfectly. When I drove up to AT&T, I noticed Noodles and Company nearby, and decided to eat lunch there. Mmm, Pesto Cavatappi. Then I went to AT&T to get the charger.

Then I went to Meijer to look for socks. Either the cats are eating my socks, or my laundry basket has a portal to another dimension, because my socks keep disappearing. I buy the same socks at Meijer so, if I lose one, its mate will match the other socks. I bought a bunch of them, so I should be set for a while. Then I went to PetCo and bought Harlee some Cat Attract litter and some more of the good food that she likes.

I didn't get a chance to get a map of a trail in Bloomington, but I can print the map.

Now I'm home, and I'm resting a little before I throw my laundry in the wash.


Jun. 9th, 2017 01:38 am
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The cats were tripping out tonight. First, Mimi and Zara got into a yowling fight, which had me running downstairs to break it up, feed them, and separate them. Then Harlee started meowing loudly. I wound up leaving my dinner to sit with her for a long time to get her to quiet down. My neighbor was knocking on the wall, but there's only so much that I can do if Harlee wants to meow. This evening was an example of how little control I have over the cats, really. They have minds of their own, albeit tiny kitty brains. I was wondering if it was a full moon, and yes, it is.

More Sleep

Jun. 7th, 2017 11:16 pm
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Got to hand it to the cats. They're been leaving me alone while I sleep. I did go back to sleep tonight and got up a little while ago. I think that I didn't give myself enough rest when I had a cold, and my body said, "Enough".

It's clear that I'm not going to get an appointment for Harlee on Friday, so I'm trying to make an appointment to get my car's oil changed up in Bloomington on Friday. But they want to know my mileage and license plate number, so I need to go check them. I hope that this really is the right form for service; I've had requests go into limbo before.

As for Harlee, she's acting "Harlee-like" and complaining, so I'm less worried about her. But I do want to make an appointment at the vet for a checkup anyways.

Just ate, so I need to clean the cats' litter boxes and feed them. Then I guess that I'll go back to sleep. Again.

Oh, and I accidentally walked off with the master key to the library yesterday. It fell off the key ring when I was locking up, I put it in my pocket, and then forgot about it. I forgot to tell my boss that I had it. She e-mailed me this afternoon, so I told her that I had it and apologized for not mentioning it, but she's just glad that I have it. She didn't want to tell the College that we had lost a master key!
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The printer doesn't have the right size paper for my conference poster. I hope that he can order it quickly.

I called the vet for an appointment for Harlee, but got their answering machine, and they didn't call back. Harlee has been sleeping on her pillow today and has been drinking (and eating) though. She still needs a checkup.

I forgot to pick up my books on hold at the public library. I guess that I'll leave for dinner early tomorrow and go get them.

I've had a crashing headache all day. Tylenol has barely helped. Snuggling with Miss Zara has helped somewhat. She's such a sweetie. I've fed the hordes, and I'm going to do the dishes and crash. I need to get in early for a webinar tomorrow.


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