Sep. 16th, 2017 01:33 pm
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I love petting Harlee. She really gets into it, even as compared to other cats. She wiggles her entire body.

The hordes and I are fed, and I scooped the litter boxes.

I'm feeling kind of dizzy and headachy. I'm probably not completely over being sick earlier this week. I've decided to largely stay home, although I need to run to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. I think that a nap is in order.
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Boy, did I conk out. Slept the whatever-that-is-that's-not-novocaine off. They said that I might feel some pain from the antibiotic treatment, but I feel fine. I just ate something, and plan to go get my prescriptions filled. I'm wondering if I should try WalMart first to see if it might be cheaper.

Harlee is telling a tale of woe. She's right; I have been neglecting her, but I need to get going. I'll make it up to her later tonight.
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I'm still feeling headachy and queasy, so I'm out sick again today. I probably could have dragged myself in, but I do have the sick time, and my boss said that he didn't want people to work when they're sick, so I decided to stay home.

I fed the girls. (I had a feline chorus going for a while: Harlee and Mimi. Zara is generally silent.) It was a little early to feed them, but they expect to be fed when I get up.

I checked the Hurricane Irma updates, and now I'm going back to sleep.
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Last night, I was making a frozen pizza when the downstairs smoke alarm went off. It was a really obnoxious noise, of course, and I ran around finding a broom to shut the thing off. Well, apparently it traumatized Mimi because she refused to go downstairs after that, even when I fed her. Well, she's a fairly young cat (5) and must have really keen hearing, so I bet that it was painful to her. Harlee, on the other hand, slept though the whole thing. She's old (16), so maybe she's lost some hearing. She can hear though because she'll come when called. Anyway, I wish that there was a way to preemptively shut the smoke alarm off. By the way, the pizza was good.

I'm reading a really good book about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It's called The Age of Cryptocurrency by Vigna and Casey. They're a couple of Wall Street Journal reporters, so they aren't some wild-eyed anarchists. Cryptocurrency has some societal ramifications that I hadn't thought of. The intro has a story about a young woman in Afghanistan who was blogging for a film site. The people running the project couldn't pay the women directly because only men can have bank accounts in Afghanistan. (Assholes.) So they paid them in bitcoin, and set up a site where they could exchange bitcoins for Amazon gift cards. The young woman bought herself a laptop, and it was a revelation to her. I highly recommend the book.

I've been having fun looking at items for my drop-ship cat supplies store. The person who wrote the book about it said to pick something that you're really into because it will keep you motivated. I won't pick any toys with small bells, however, because I don't want to be responsible for someone's cat choking on one. There is something with bristles that cats can rub against to self-groom. People seem to be interested in it, but I'm not sure if it's safe or not. I might order one to look it over.

I decided to stay home today and catch up on some stuff. I actually have an urge to clean, so I don't want to waste it! If I get myself together early enough, I have a weight bench/slant board that I tried to sell, but no one was interested. I need to haul the thing over to the thrift shop and get it out of my living room.
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Slept until 1:30 PM. Mimi wasn't pleased, but too bad :) Did my normal morning routine, and flew out of here to go pick up Harlee's prescription food. Had a chai at the downtown coffeeshop. (I like to give them business occasionally to help keep them in business.)

Stopped by work. I had written up a draft e-mail last night to send to the person who checked out the book that I delivered last night, but when I logged onto my e-mail last night, the e-mail didn't have her e-mail address on it. So I logged on from work...and there was the draft e-mail with her e-mail address on it. Clearly I'm losing it.

Ran a couple more errands, and now I'm back home. Ate some dinner. Next on the docket is laundry.

Mom should be flying from Chicago to Detroit right now. I'm looking forward to talking with her tomorrow.
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The front desk worker was off sick, so I relieved my boss for lunch. Then I sorted through a bunch of junk because he wants to open up an area that we have closed. I made a mad dash up to Normal to drop off a library book. My job is never dull or repetitive. I like that.

I received my Java book that I bought, and I'm rather annoyed because someone opened the package. I hope that it was a mistake, and not someone trying to rip me off.

I had a taste for spaghetti and garlic bread, so I picked some up. It was good.

I'm kind of tired. I'm going to appease Harlee, who has been complaining (so what else is new?), get into pajamas, and do some reading. Along with the Java book that I bought, I checked out a Java book and a (good) book about cryptocurrency. Plus I have a book about creating a drop-ship business that I want to plow through. I might go to the coffeeshop tomorrow and read as well.

It's my weekend. I like three-day weeks!

Oh, and I'm appalled by the hurricane damage to Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. The place is on my bucket list, and looking at the pictures of the damage makes me want to cry. Here's hoping that Irma won't hit Florida too hard.
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I took a nap in the late afternoon, and overslept. But I felt better for it. After that, I did a load of laundry, watched the lectures and did the homework for my HTML/CSS class, and finished a book that I was reading. I want to get out to Peoria for my jaunt this weekend, but I think that I want to stay home tomorrow and get stuff done. But now, it's bedtime.

Harlee was marking me with her cheek when I was petting her. Mommy is mine, mine, mine!
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At the tail end of my sleep last night, I dreamed a voice saying, "The same people keep forgetting to do their timesheets." Then I woke up and said, "Yes, that would be me." I fired off an e-mail to my boss saying that I would come in later to do my timesheet. Then I went back to sleep. I intended to get up at noon, but slept until 1:30.

Got up, fed me and the cats, got myself put together, etc. Ran over to work to fill out my timesheet.

Then I ran errands. Ordered Harlee's food, and got refills on meds for Harlee and me. Paid my car payment. Got gas. Picked up some soda.

Came home and snuggled with Mimi for a while. Now I"m taking a break, and then I need to make a grocery list and go to the store.

I think that I'm going to look into using coupons again. It's a bit of work, but I know a Web site that lists best deals.
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My new Library Director is nice. I needed to drive some books up to the Normal campus, but I'm low on funds for gas. I asked if I could get a few dollars out of petty cash to pay for gas, and he said yes. He's going to propose that we not drive books up there, but instead, ask patrons at the Normal campus to have their books sent to local colleges and universities. (The one down the street is Heartland, where I'm taking classes.) We'll see how that goes over.

I think that I used more gas than I got money for, but I should be okay.

On the way back, I was listening to an audiobook called The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur. I'm not thrilled with the book, but I came up with four ideas for smartphone apps while I was listening. (I need to check Google Play to see that no one else has created them already.) I was wondering if there were classes on Android development, and Coursera has a sequence of five classes in it. It looks like Heartland might let me skip the Introduction to Computers class. If so, I could enroll in these classes this fall. They're even not too expensive. Heartland has a class in Android development too. The more programming that I do, the better at programming I'll be. So it's good. I'm excited!

I've been thinking about the long weekend coming up, and want to find a cool place to hike. Otherwise, I want to stay home and get stuff done.

Harlee was calling me, although she seems to have given up. Anyway, she needs snuggles.
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Mimi refused to eat the expensive food. Hell. I gave her some cheap food that Zara won't eat, and she did eat that at least. The cats are driving me crazy. Oh, and Harlee almost gave my hand a good bite when she was going after a Pill Pocket.

I managed to get my laundry between storms. I like listening to the sound of the rain.
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It was very cloudy today. I tried looking at the eclipse through my eclipse glasses, but the light was too diffuse to see anything. The best view that I had of the eclipse was through a reflection in a car window. However, I could tell that the eclipse was happening because my home got very, very dark. Overall, the eclipse was a bust, and I wasted money getting the eclipse glasses, but I would have hated to not have them if the view was clear. Oh well.

Classes have started at the college. The students are bringing a cool sort of energy that I've missed. Classes have started at Heartland too. I want to set up my due dates on my calendar, but my instructors aren't giving us the whole schedule, just a week at a time. Bah. I don't expect to learn much from these classes, but they are prerequisites to classes that I do want to take. Because the classes will be easy, I want to review some intros to psychology, statistics, and history, and sign up to be an online tutor to earn some money. I'm having a heck of a time finding a copy of a U.S. History textbook though. You'd think that there would be a bunch of them. Not.

Mimi is now refusing to eat the expensive food. I'm getting at my wit's end. Even if I could find the receipt, it would cost me gas money to go up to Bloomington to return the food. I think that she doesn't like the texture of one particular type of food (or so I hope), so I'll try a different kind. Zara is grudgingly eating the food that she normally likes. Harlee, who has the biggest reason to pick at her food because of her kidney problems, has been chowing down. Go Harlee.

I forgot to throw in my laundry when I got home, so I'm still doing it now. I have stuff to do, though, and I'll keep me awake until it's done. Harlee was complaining earlier, so I think that I'll grab one of my textbooks and read in her room. Multitasking and efficiency :)
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Harlee is now on prescription food. However, I bought her really expensive non-prescription food at the beginning of the month. I want Mimi and Zara to eat the expensive food. Mimi likes it. (Mimi has never found food that she doesn't like, except for turkey. She's kind of like a stomach with legs and fur.) Zara does not, and is refusing to eat it. I had a long talk with her about the importance of eating her food, and how there were starving cats out there who would love the food, but no. Zara wasn't going to eat the food, and I couldn't make her eat it. So she wins. I'm going to pick up food that she likes at WalMart later tonight, plus an extra cat food cap. I'll feed Harlee the prescription food, Mimi the expensive non-prescription food, and Zara her junk food (Fancy Feast). Sigh. Oy. Zara was nosing around Mimi's dish. Surprise, surprise, she's hungry. Did I say, "Sigh"?

After I picked up Zara's meds, I drove to Funks Grove. It's a very pretty grove of sugar maple and oak trees. I had planned on stopping by the Funks Grove pure maple sirup store, but blew past it on old Route 66. I also blew past the turnoff for the old historic church and cemetery. I did turn off for the Sugar Grove Nature Center. The Center was closed, but the trails are open until dusk. First, I walked over to the Imagination Grove, which had a ton of things that kids would enjoy: a playhouse, a sandbox, a way to get to the creek, steps up a tree, tires, a pipe to crawl though, and a low zip line. There also were picnic tables for us old folks.

Then I went looking for the trails. I finally found some off to the side of the main area. I started down the longest trail, which goes near the old church and cemetery, but stopped a little way before the cemetery because I was afraid that it was going to get dark, and the forest was pretty dark as it was. The trails were well-maintained, and there were lots of signs for the trails. I really liked it. I was alone again, though, and I was wondering if I should take pepper spray with me, just in case. They did find someone dead there a little while ago, but apparently the woman was killed by her daughter.

Then I drove over to the old church and cemetery. The church is small and pretty. The cemetery was quiet and peaceful; it's easy to imagine "resting in peace" there. I really liked it. There also is an auxiliary cemetery because the old one is full. It wasn't quite as pretty, but it was nice enough.

Then I went home. I want to come back and hike more trails sometime, and check out the "Chapel in the Woods".
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Finished the patron loads at work. Go me. And I'm prepared for the staff meeting on Sunday.

I had a doctor's appointment today. Mostly it was renewing my prescriptions, but apparently I'm still losing weight even though I'm not eating well. I've lost 20 pounds from my top weight.

I didn't go to the picnic at the college because 1) my stomach was upset, 2) I had a headache, and 3) my textbook was supposed to arrive from UPS. It did arrive in a very long box. It made me wonder if a robot picked the box. Weird.

I fret about Harlee too much. She's taking a tiny dose of Pepcid (1/8 of a 10 mg tablet). I bought some over the counter and cut it up, but it made me nervous to give it to her. I'm sure that she'll be okay though.

I'm planning to go to Funks Grove for my weekend jaunt. I've always loved the name. It makes me think of people doing the Funky Chicken in a grove of trees. They make maple syrup there, and there's a nature preserve and an old church.


Long Week

Aug. 18th, 2017 12:42 am
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More progress at work. I just have one file to finish tomorrow, and I'll be done with the patron loads. I also need to prepare my presentation for the staff meeting on Sunday.

This week seems interminably long, probably because I'm doing something that I don't enjoy. (Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine.) I'm feeling kind of tired and headachy, so I'm going to go to sleep after I give Harlee her Pill Pockets, and she tries to eat my fingers. Pill Pockets bring out the wild beast in her :)


Oh, I bought some frozen Steak and Shake Frisco Melt burgers. They're a little pricey, but it was really good. I need to figure out how to make them from scratch.
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Yesterday, I took the class in CPR/AED and First Aid. It was five hours straight of information, and kind of overwhelming. I want to take it again next year in the hope that more will stick. But I can do passable CPR, and can look critically at First Aid kits. I bought a "wound care" kit for my linen closet with gauze pads and rolled gauze, which is good for larger wounds.

My back was killing me when I came home. A muscle in my lower back had been bothering me for a couple of days (from carrying laundry on the opposite hip?), and kneeling on the floor practicing CPR didn't help. So I lay down on my back on the bed with a pillow under my head and under my knees. I fell asleep. However, I woke up after a few hours. My back felt better. I got up, fed the girls, gave Harlee her meds, and took my meds. Then I went back to sleep.

Today, I got the Fall patron data to load into our library computer system. I didn't get a chance to write a program to format the data, so I'm building the files by hand, which is tedious. Two down, six (?) more to go.

Harlee is calling me. I had some good quality time with Mimi earlier, which doesn't happen as often as it should because she's not a part of my nightly routine. I need to do something about that.

Added: Just looked at the Table of Contents of the book for my Introduction to Computers class, and I'm glad that I did because I sure don't want to keep the book. It covers basic computer skills that I already know. I just rented it from Amazon.com.
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Sheesh, the cats are restless. I guess that they're hungry, but it isn't that late.

I got out to Springfield today. I first walked in a Wildlife Sanctuary. It has a house off a busy street, where they let the land grow over into woods and prairie. I was the only one there, which I found kind of creepy. It wasn't hard to imagine someone hiding behind a tree, waiting to grab you. The woods were overgrown. The path was hard to follow because it went from gravel to dirt to shorter grass. There were a couple of times where I got confused, and almost headed off the path. The woods were kind of boring, really. The prairie part had some pretty wildflowers, but at that point, I was walking back to get out of there.

I got Harlee her Pill Pockets. Let's hope that she swallows the pills. The last time that I gave her pills, she became adept at eating the Pill Pocket and--ptooey--spitting out the pill. Her pills are really tiny though, so maybe she'll swallow them without realizing that they're there.

Mom is doing well. The antiseizure medicine that she's on is helping her pain a lot. It also is knocking her out, so she's been getting lots of sleep. She's busy getting stuff together for her trip to Europe; she leaves a week from Monday.
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Fell asleep with the lights on again. I suck.

However, I got up early. Fed myself and the cats. Harlee still thinks that the new food is kitty crack. She's in fine fettle. It's probably too soon, though, to see if the food helps her.

Printed out directions to the Wildlife Sanctuary in Springfield that I want to go to. I also found out where PetCo is in Springfield; I know where PetSmart is because I used to go there all the time when I lived in Springfield.

Called Zara's meds in, but the prescription has expired, and the vet needs to send a new one. So she'll be out for a day or two. I suck.

Going to eat some Ramen and jump in the shower.
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I participated in the "campus clean up" today. We wound up pulling weeds and spreading mulch. The areas on which we worked look a lot better. I smelled like stale sweat the rest of the day though. And there were flecks of dirt on my face, which I discovered when I tried to pull myself together to stop by the vet. I wound up wiping off my makeup and putting powder on.

I picked up Harlee's new food. $3 a can. She's worth it, but sheesh. I kicked off my austerity program tonight by eating corned beef hash and eggs. It was too much food for me to eat, which is good.

I've got two new databases working for the library. They are a music (recording) library and a video library, and I think that I'll use them a lot. I hope that our students do too. I'm having some issues with a sheet music library and am working with the vendor on that.

I think that it will be an early night.

Added: Harlee likes the new food. Awesome!
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I fell asleep with the lights on again. What I want to do is lie down for around 20 minutes while Zara eats, and I set my cell phone alarm on vibrate and put it near my head, but I slept through it. I think that I need to get ready for bed earlier and read, so that I can just close the book and go to sleep. Hmm, I wonder if I could listen to the alarm on headphones? I'll have to try it during an hour when I won't wake anyone up if it sounds in the room.

I forgot when I was supposed to get up and got up earlier. This gave me a chance to do a load of laundry before work, which was great because I needed to wash some jeans because I'm participating in a "campus cleanup" tomorrow. I decided to do it because they keep asking for money, which I don't have, but I can supply sweat equity.

My boss did ask about the hours that the library will be open, but we can't get an answer until next week.

I didn't pick up Harlee's food because I waited to go to dinner until 5 PM because some people were holding a meeting in the library building. Tomorrow, I will pick it up for sure.
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Last night, I got smart and instead of falling asleep with the lights on, I went to bed early, feeling guilty because I didn't spend time snuggling with Harlee. I had planned to get up early, but didn't.

My former boss asked in her budget proposal to keep the library open during the school year until 10 PM rather than 9 PM. She never got an answer. My new boss seems reluctant to ask about it. That's a little worrisome. I need to know because I'm developing the schedule for the part-time workers.

Tomorrow during my break, I need to stop by the vet and pick up Harlee's new food that they ordered. I really hope that she'll eat it, but I have my doubts.

I did some research and found that "Big R" probably doesn't have Pill Pockets (although I'll stop by on Friday), but they do have really cheap cat litter. Worth a try to see if the girls can use it. I'm probably going to go to Springfield on Saturday, walk in a nature preserve, and go in search of Pill Pockets. Springfield has both PetSmart and PetCo, so that gives me a better chance to find what we need.

On Sunday, I'm going to a CPR/First aid class sponsored by the College.

If the person selling my textbook on Amazon for my intro computer class doesn't get back to me, I've decided to rent it. I don't think that I'll want to keep that one, although I do want to keep the one from my HTML5/CSS class.

Hmm, my tags are "work, Harlee, blog, school". That pretty well sums up my life :)


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