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The guys came today to install the bathroom floor. They did a good job. The only thing is that the floor appears pink. It's beige with butterscotch and black flecks under most lights. I'll try replacing the bathroom light bulb, but I'm stumped as why the floor is pink. Anyway, that's the floor that I've got. The plumber is coming by on Monday to install the new toilet.

They also installed hinges on a couple of cabinet doors. I've had the doors off for so long that it seems weird to see them on.

He charged me less than the estimate. The price was quite reasonable. Maybe he gave me a low price to encourage me to call them again. He was advocating that they paint the place, but he didn't give me an estimate.

Harlee seems to have had enough with the parade of workmen. After the guys had left and Harlee came out of hiding, she paraded around meowing. Nima was brave and stayed out of hiding in the office with me. Occasionally she went towards the living room to see what was going on, but I chased her back into the office to keep her out of the way.

A recruiter called, but I missed the call because of all the chaos.

I also had a screen replaced. It's a little smaller than the window, but it matched the old screen that the window had. It should work. One of the owners came over, picked up the screen, and brought it over to a nearby site at which they were working so that I wouldn't be charged for the service call. That was nice.
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I now have the bathroom floor. I contacted the contractor guy to put in the floor, but he's having surgery done on his shoulder this week. (Get the feeling that this bathroom project is jinxed?) His admin told me to call him on Friday to see if a flooring guy that he works with can help out.

While I was waiting for the bathroom floor, I dozed on the loveseat in the home office. It completely confused the cats; Harlee came over, peered at me, and went away. I think that Nima was lying on my feet for a while. They stayed clear of the loveseat for a while afterward, but now that they've decided that I'm not using it, they're spending all their time there. They're either lying on the pillow or on the light blanket I was using. If you want to find the most comfortable place in the house, get a cat -;)

Had a doctor's appointment. We worked out what I'd do if I move back East. (I'm covered with CAL-COBRA as long as I'm in California.) He'll give me a printout of my medications and have three months' worth of prescriptions filled. He also said that I should hire someone to paint my place (after I said that I was feeling overwhelmed by it). I guess that he thinks that I have enough on my plate.
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The technician refinished my shower/tub yesterday and today. He seemed not entirely with it, but I have to hand it to him, he knows his business. The shower/tub looks fantastic:

The tub before the shower hardware and shower doors were put back

It would be more dramatic with a "before" picture, but I don't have one. The tub was stained. I learned that fiberglass tubs are more likely to stain when the top surface is rubbed off.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to watch the technician at work. There wasn't room enough. If I wind up selling the condo and moving, I'm thinking about finding a franchise to buy into rather than finding a job in, say, retail. The refinishing company that I used has franchises available. I don't know how expensive they are though. Food for thought.

The bathroom floor was supposed to be delivered today, but the guy whom I talked to didn't enter the delivery into the computer. So now it's supposed to be delivered on Monday. (No big deal. I just wanted to have a reason to say "Dude, where's my floor?" Crazy, man.)

I'm exchanging e-mail about a job at a company that was bought by Google. They want me to attach copies of my college transcripts to my e-mail response. I have my work cut out for me trying to find them. I know that I've seen them recently, but I'm not sure where they are. I had a phone interview with another company on Friday and have a face-to-face interview with them on Wednesday.


Feb. 16th, 2008 11:47 pm
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The cats are taking a nap to rest up from their daytime nap. Usually the cats will come into the home office when I'm in there, but tonight when I got home, the only reaction I got was an ear twitch from Harlee. They have a tough life -;)

Gratuitous cat picture showing their bed and the new blinds:

Well, I had the phone interview on Wednesday, and they said "Thanks, but no thanks." I haven't heard anything about the face-to-face interview.

The new blinds are installed, and they look terrific. The only thing is that they make the walls look worse.

Someone's coming to resurface the master shower and tub on Friday and Saturday. And yes, they are removing and replacing the shower doors.

I've ordered the new bathroom floor. I need to contact the contractor to tell him that I'll need him to install the floor, but he doesn't need to fix the shower door.

I had my second dentist appointment. They deep cleaned the other side and put in a filling. I have an appointment next Friday for my root canal, but I forgot that the shower resurfacer will be here, so I need to reschedule.

Busy, busy

Feb. 10th, 2008 07:13 pm
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On Thursday, I had a phone interview for a contract job.

On Friday, the new contractor came to look at the bathroom floor. He pried up a corner of the floor and said that there was no water damage underneath. He asked if Home Depot was going to lay the new floor over the old floor, and I didn't know. He recommended that we pull up the old vinyl floor because of the water damage. He also said that one side of the shower door needs to be resealed. He gave me an estimate for replacing the floor, fixing the shower door, and replacing some cabinet hinges in the kitchen. So I have questions for Home Depot. I also want to find out when someone resurfaces the shower, will he or she take down the shower door and reseal it.

On Saturday, I found a note in my door asking me to call my mortgage company. They've been switching us over to a new account and new automatic payment plan, so I guess that it's possible that there's a missed payment somewhere. I also bought a book on mashups that I'm reading for an interview on Tuesday.

On Monday, I have a dental appointment. It's not far from Santana Row, so I'll probably hole up at Santana Row and let the commute traffic die down.

On Tuesday, I have a face-to-face interview at the company that almost hired me.

On Wednesday, I might have a phone interview. Also someone's coming to install new blinds.
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Well, I now have someone else to (potentially) remove the bathroom floor and check for water damage, and find and install new hinges on my cabinets. He's going to do an estimate on (drum-roll) Friday. Yes, this is Monday and I have to wait a few more days. I'm going to tell my dad that I can't sell the place before December because that's when the bathroom is going to be done.

He also said that he'd give me an hour's notice that he's coming over on Friday rather than setting a time.

Don't mind me; I'm just grumpy.


Feb. 3rd, 2008 09:16 pm
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I had a nasty toothache late last night. (Yes, I know, my fault for not going to the dentist yet.) I took ibuprofen and benzocaine, and more ibuprofen and benzocaine, and it barely helped. As a consequence, I didn't get to sleep until two hours before my alarm went off.

I talked to the contractor before he came over. This time he seemed to understand what I was saying, and he said that he didn't take little jobs. I told him that I already had a 12:00 appointment with him (something that I already had repeated twice already in the conversation). He said, "Oh. Can I come by at 1:30?" I grudgingly said, "Yes." However, I really wanted to take a nap.

Well, he never showed up and never called. I gave up on him at 3, and went to take a nap.

The bathroom project is turning out to be a real hassle.
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Well, I made an appointment with a general contractor on Sunday. I'm not sure that he understands what I need though. He kept on talking about "finding the source of the leak", and I kept on telling him "we need to find out if the floor has water damage". Sunday I'll call him and make sure that he's bringing tools to pull up the vinyl flooring.

I think my next step is to find a handyman to fix the cabinet doors. Maybe also get the screen replaced if I can find it in the garage.
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The knob on my oven is fixed, so now I can make frozen pizza....Mmmmm.

The kitchen faucet, garbage disposal, and bathroom faucet are installed. They took my old master bath toilet away. (The new toilet is in my living room right now.) I had to soothe some upset kitties because I let in not one, but two strange people who were making loud noises.

The bad news is that I got the estimate on the bathroom floor. They said that because there was water damage by the toilet, I need to get a general contractor in to look at the floor. I e-mailed the people who administer my HOA to see if they had a recommendation. If not, do you have any ideas where I could find one? The phone book isn't very helpful.

Some good news is that I'm exchanging e-mail with someone at the company that almost hired me. The person with whom I previously interviewed recommended me. The bad news is that the job isn't the greatest fit, but I'll talk to her and see what happens.

Addendum: I found a plethora of general contractors on Craig's List.
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  • Stove knob--done

  • Garbage disposal--done

  • Blinds--placed order

  • Kitchen and bathroom faucet--done

  • Bathroom floor measured--need contractor to look at floor

  • Removed bathroom toilet--installation time TBD

  • Have slow drains fixed--not yet

  • Researched shower resurfacing--will wait until the rest of the work on the bathroom is done

  • Researched cleaning shower doors

  • Cabinet doors--need to hire handyman, but not yet

  • Screen--need new screen, but not yet

  • Garage door--need new manual lock because key is missing

  • Buy window locks



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