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Because I'll need to board the cats for an extended length of time while the place is up for sale, I need to find a place to board them in which there's a space for them to roam around. (That is, I don't want them to stay in a small cage the whole time.) I have some possibilities. Somewhere along the line, I need to take time to visit the facilities.
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Sort of.

I was scrambling to get stuff done around here because I know that I have limited time to do things. I was working on boxes of papers, which are slow going. My plan is to get rid of the remaining boxes in my condo, then paint (if I paint), and then tackle the garage. I could work on the garage while the place is up for sale.

I'm not sure how I'd be able to paint because I'd need help moving furniture. Maybe I could hire someone to help me move furniture.(?)

Mom offered to pay for some of the needed work on the condo. So part of my task is to find people to do the work and get estimates.

I need to do more research on Master's of Library Science programs and more research about places to live.

I really should call a dentist in case there will be a time when I won't have dental insurance.

And look for jobs. And work on my classes. And eat and sleep.

I had a long conversation with a friend tonight and it felt like a luxury.

I've started feeding the kidz inside their carriers because they'll need to be boarded at a kennel and they'll need to be moved, so they'll need current shots.

I'm thinking that if (when) I move long distance, I'd dump most of my furniture (hello, IKEA?) except for my desk, dining table, and probably the coffee and end tables in the living room. I'd take my books, bookcases, the digital piano (man, am I happy that I bought a digital piano rather than an acoustic one!), dishes, and my clothes.
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The title is from a Girl Scout camp song. I don't remember what the point of it was.

Anyway, yes, we're here in San Jose. I'm here; the cats are here; my tons of stuff are here.

The cats are much calmer than they were during the move to Fresno. I'd be surprised if they remembered the condo 9 months after the move to Fresno, but maybe some of their scent still remains on the place. Random and Nima are interacting well, but there's some friction between Random and Harlee. At first, I kept Harlee in my bedroom in the hope of reintroducing her to Random slowly. I enjoyed having her in my bedroom to cuddle with. However, last night, she burst out of my bedroom into the rest of the condo. So I said, "Okay, you and Random work it out," and went to sleep. Later, she meowed at my bedroom door to be let in, so I let her in. Later, she wanted to go out again, and because I had an interview set with a recruiter at lunchtime, I was less than amused at the sleep interruptions. She's now in a corner of the living room and is refusing to leave it, so I wonder if Random is blocking her from the rest of the place. Sigh. (I guess that I'm getting a inkling what it's like to be a parent; much as I meddle, she and Random have to work things out on their own. I hate to see her unhappy though.)

The interview with the recruiter went okay. My resume is now in their database. She might have some other word-of-mouth leads. She told me to expect a pay cut. However, she did say that there was a shortage of writers because so many writers left during the downturn. The one thing that the interview pointed out was that I need to spend more time updating my skills. Brian Tracy once said that if you spent an hour a day improving your job skills, you can name your price, and he's probably right. So I need to dedicate some time for education. Given that I'm unemployed, I should be able to find the time. On the other hand, I'm shocked at how busy I am. The other major tasks that I have are (of course) unpacking boxes and searching for a job.

The one major glitch is that I have no telephone access, and therefore, no Internet access. I keep calling Talk America and complaining to no avail. Instead, I've been going to Kinko's and using their outrageously expensive Internet access. At first, I just checked my e-mail and logged off. Now I've been skimming LJ because I need some entertainment. I'm writing this update at home for the same reason.

I'm trying to keep my spirits up. Coming back here feels like defeat to me. I need to plan some outings to places that I like in the area.
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I had to cancel my move last week because I was not ready. Now I am ready and the move is tomorrow (well, okay, today). I'm feeling calmer that I would have thought was possible, although part of me is going to be tense until the move is completely over.

A recruiter keeps contacting me. I have to keep putting her off until the move is over, but at least she's interested.

I don't know when I'll have Internet access again. I called in the change to my telephone on the late side, and now it's delayed because they're having trouble verifying my address.(?)

Yes, I'm going back to using dial-up until I get a new job.

And so it goes....
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My move to San Jose is more or less settled. I'm moving on 12/29 (loading) and 12/30 (unloading). A pet sitter will come on 12/26 and help me stuff load the kitties into their carriers. (I need to set a preliminary appt. with him first. TBD.) The kitties are to be boarded from 12/26 to 1/2. However, I probably will extend their stay to 1/3; I'd like to have everything done with the apartment and the keys turned in before I pick them up.

Now I just need to arrange for the carpets to be cleaned and the place sprayed for bugs.
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I have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon, and a mover is coming to do an estimate on Monday.


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