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I was having stomach cramps, so I decided to lie down. This time I did oversleep, but now I feel well-rested. I need to eat dinner, and then will run to the store.

It looks like we will do a phone interview with the new Library Director candidate.

Added: The muscles on the left side of my back are aching. That was the side on which I had my book bag yesterday. I didn't think that it was that heavy, but I also put the tome of the conference proceedings in there. Why, oh why, do conferences have to print such large volumes? If I need a door stop, it'll be a good one.
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I'm here to testify that it's possible to go up to Chicago from Lincoln and come back on the same day. It's crazy, but it can be done.

I had problems falling asleep last night (not surprisingly--I got up shortly after the time that I normally go to bed). And then I had problems sleeping on the train, although I got about an hour's sleep.

So I was pretty zoned out when I got to Chicago. I had problems finding the Metra stop, and just missed a train, so I had to wait over an hour. I got a lot of reading done. I made it to McCormick Place okay.

I wolfed down some lunch, and hung out until it was time for my poster presentation. I had problems wrangling my poster (it's 4' x 8'), but some tall guys helped me put it up. It took a while to get the hang of the poster presentation, but I had some good conversations with people.

Then I needed to get back to Union Station. The Metra stop was a "flag stop," and I wasn't sure if they'd stop for me. So I hopped on a bus taking conventioners back to their hotels in downtown Chicago, which was a little cheeky, but no one questioned it. Then I walked from the bus stop to Union Station.

Grabbed a bite to eat at a chichi sandwich place. (The chicken and avocado sandwich was good though, and so were the rosemary and sea salt chips.) Found a place to sit right away, which was a miracle.

Union Station was packed because today was the Chicago Pride parade, and a lot of people came up to Chicago for it. The trip back was uneventful, and I managed to stay awake (which worried me).

Now I'm back home. I plan to feed the girls and then crash. I'm glad that I'm not working tomorrow.
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Well, I didn't have much packing to do. Just my book bag. And I have clean clothes hanging in the bathroom for tomorrow. And I have a list written out of things that I need to grab tomorrow morning (sandwich, soda, cell phone charger, etc.) because I'm going to be groggy.

I spent more time running around figuring out how to pay a bill online when I only had cash. Answer: prepaid Visa card (which isn't cheap when you add up the fees). I need to open an account at a local bank.

Oh, and I decided that I should stay at the cheap Airbnb near Pere Marquette that doesn't have Internet because I have a cell phone that I can use as a hotspot. Duh. I love ways to do what I want to do without spending a lot of money!

Anyway, I need to feed the hordes and wind down to go to sleep. My alarm is going to go off obscenely early.
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Ran some errands. Bought a sandwich from WalMart's deli for lunch tomorrow (in Chicago). My mom left part of a bag of Sun Chips, and I bought some cookies. It'll be a good lunch. (I'm going to buy dinner tomorrow in Union Station.)

The laundry room is open. Hallelujah! I've got a load of laundry going.

Now I'm going to eat lunch....

Added: Well, that was fabulous. The washer took my money, but didn't wash my clothes. I looked for a maintenance request form by the office, but didn't see one. I did put a sign on the washer, saying that it wasn't working though.


Jun. 22nd, 2017 11:44 pm
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I didn't get much sleep last night because I had some stuff to do before I went to sleep, and had to get up early for phone interviews for the Library Director position. The interviews went well. We're going to bring in two out of the three for on-site interviews. The third candidate told long, rambling stories about things that happened during his career, and we were kind of shell-shocked afterward.

My boss keeps forgetting that I'm going to take next Monday off. I think that she thinks that I didn't tell her about it, but today was the third time that I mentioned it.

I almost forgot to gather the things that I needed for my presentation on Sunday, but I did remember.

I'm feeling exhausted, so I'm going to fed the hordes and crash.
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Oh, I forgot to say that I have everything ready for my poster presentation a week from Sunday. I picked up the printed poster today. It is humongous, but it looks good. I finally was able to wrestle it into the plastic tube that my boss bought to transport posters. It looks like a quiver for arrows. I hope that it won't get me in trouble on Amtrak :) I uploaded a picture of me and a voiceover to the conference Web site. All systems go!
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I feel a little bad in saying that it was a pretty good day, given what happened in London and Virginia, but it was pretty good. It stormed on and off, but I enjoyed the storms because we haven't had one for a while. And the farmers need the rain.

I had a lot to get done at work today, and I did get a lot done. One of the things that I needed to do was take a picture of myself to post online with a PDF of my poster presentation. So I brought my "good" camera (it's not a DSLR, but it has a lot more features than your average point-and-shoot camera) to work along with a "selfie stick". Many of the results were hilarious. Maybe I'll post one or two of them later. I did wind up with a couple of pictures that I could live with, and I'll upload one to the conference Web site tonight, although I might try to take a few more pictures tomorrow.

I also experimented with recording a voiceover because the conference folks suggest posting a short one as well. Given the amount of info that we're posting on the site, though, why bother coming to the presentation?

The printer hasn't finished printing the poster, though, but there still is some time. (The presentation is a week from this coming Sunday, in Chicago.)

I ran errands over dinner, and picked up Zara's and my meds. Better living through chemistry :)

Oh, my dad thinks that creating an Illinois Road Trips blog and a book is a great idea. He said, "And if the book sells, you can branch out to other nearby states!" Whoa, Dad. Writing a good guidebook to Illinois is going to be a lot of work. But it's nice to see how enthusiastic he is about it though.
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I had a bunch of very vivid dreams this morning, and woke 4 PM. Yikes. The girls were hungry and agitated. The mucus traveling around my system had settled in my larynx, and I had no voice. And I'm scheduled to talk to my mom tonight.

Well, the girls are now fed and have settled down. I fed myself, which has broken up some of the mucus, so my mom might be able to understand me. (She has a bad hearing loss, which doesn't help.)

I had planned to dye my hair, but I'm postponing it until next week. I want to have it done before my conference presentation, but that's on the 25th. I need to throw myself together, start laundry, and start scrubbing Harlee's litter boxes.
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I drove up to Bloomington and got my car's oil changed and a new windshield wiper put on. While I waited, I called the vet and made an appointment for Harlee on next Friday. The printer got back to me about the poster. I checked with my boss that the cost was okay, and I e-mailed him back to print the poster.

Afterward, I ran errands. I drove toward AT&T to get a new cell phone charger. I had been having problems charging my phone, and I thought that it was a problem with the phone, but my car cell phone charger worked perfectly. When I drove up to AT&T, I noticed Noodles and Company nearby, and decided to eat lunch there. Mmm, Pesto Cavatappi. Then I went to AT&T to get the charger.

Then I went to Meijer to look for socks. Either the cats are eating my socks, or my laundry basket has a portal to another dimension, because my socks keep disappearing. I buy the same socks at Meijer so, if I lose one, its mate will match the other socks. I bought a bunch of them, so I should be set for a while. Then I went to PetCo and bought Harlee some Cat Attract litter and some more of the good food that she likes.

I didn't get a chance to get a map of a trail in Bloomington, but I can print the map.

Now I'm home, and I'm resting a little before I throw my laundry in the wash.
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The printer doesn't have the right size paper for my conference poster. I hope that he can order it quickly.

I called the vet for an appointment for Harlee, but got their answering machine, and they didn't call back. Harlee has been sleeping on her pillow today and has been drinking (and eating) though. She still needs a checkup.

I forgot to pick up my books on hold at the public library. I guess that I'll leave for dinner early tomorrow and go get them.

I've had a crashing headache all day. Tylenol has barely helped. Snuggling with Miss Zara has helped somewhat. She's such a sweetie. I've fed the hordes, and I'm going to do the dishes and crash. I need to get in early for a webinar tomorrow.
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I sent my poster for the big library conference to the printer tonight. Gulp. But I went over it with a fine-tooth comb, and it should be okay.

I just realized that I forgot to turn the lobby lights off at work, but Security will see them and turn them off. I hope.

I also started on Python class number 3. (My boss said that I could spend some time working on the classes at work.) I also enrolled in an authority control class. (Authority control is how we cross-reference the various names that someone is known by under only one name.)

I sent a note to my boss's boss about my schedule for the fall. I am registered for one online class, but also an on-site class on Tuesdays, which was going to be one of my days off. Well, now that my boss is leaving, I don't know how that will work. I can register for a Web page development class online instead. I'll see what she says.

I forgot to call the vet to make an appointment for Harlee. She's due for her shots, but she also is still hiding in the closet, so I'm worried. But she's visible now, and complaining. She's eating her food. I don't think that she has drunk water since this morning though. I left a note on my computer at work to be sure to call tomorrow.
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I work Sunday - Thursday to support the adult learners at our branch campus. We use online chat during the evening to answer their questions. One nice thing about working on Sunday is that I can wear jeans and a New Orleans t-shirt because the library is closed. And I'm the only one there.

I got a bunch of stuff done, including finishing my poster presentation. I need to ask my boss where to get it printed.

Tonight, Mimi was lying on the stairs. I tried to step around her, and twisted my knee. Ow, ow, ow. So much for doing some cleaning tonight. I guess that I'll lie in bed and read. Harlee is hiding, which concerns me, but she did have an accident on her pillow. I need to wash it this weekend. She's really chowing down on food, however, and drinking water.
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There were some good sessions today, and I got some new ideas. However, I was feeling jet-lagged because it's an hour later here, and I got down to breakfast at 7:45 AM. (I usually get up at 11 AM CST.) So I blew off the keynote address, and took a nap instead. It helped.

Tonight, we went to see the Cincinnati Reds baseball game. They won, which I gather from the locals was unusual. I enjoyed the game, to my surprise.

Cincinnati is very pretty. I definitely want to take a pleasure trip here sometime. I'd like to go some Labor Day because they have fireworks over the Ohio River, and a rubber duck race on the river.

I'm waiting for my meds to kick in, so I can go to sleep.


May. 17th, 2017 11:17 pm
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I'm feeling better. We've posted the job listing for the Library Director position. Now we wait with fingers crossed. The person with whom I'm presenting next week was asking about the position, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. We had some run-ins when we previously worked together. But she isn't an ideal candidate. I'll tell her the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we'll go from there.

I'm feeling pretty confident about the presentation next week as well. And I made some progress on my poster presentation, although I probably won't have it finished this week as I had hoped. I still have some time though.

I just learned that I'm eligible for student loan forgiveness after 10 years because I work for a non-profit. But I learned that in an article about how Betsy DeVos wants to change the program. But this administration can't last forever.

It's supposed to cool off tomorrow too. Cool beans.

I just need to work tomorrow, and I'm off though Memorial Day (but I'm going to the conference Sunday - Tuesday.)
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Today was...weird. We plunged into our conversion project. My boss seems happier now that she's given notice. I contacted my boss's boss, and told her that I'd be happy to post the job listing to various library e-mail lists, but that I'll be off next week. She thanked me, and jokingly asked if I'd be willing to be on the search committee. I said that I definitely wanted to be on the search committee!

I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to practice my presentation tonight, and work on my poster presentation. Not good; I can't drop any balls because of what's going on. I did write a short Python program; I need to finish the class up by the end of the month.

Mimi and Zara got into a brief yowling fight when I got home. I distracted Mimi by telling her to cut it out, and Zara took off upstairs while Mimi was distracted. I can't deal with that right now either.

Boy, I will be glad when the presentation is over (a week from today), so that I can at least cross that off my list.

It's way too hot up here, so I'm going to do some stuff downstairs for a while.
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I met with my co-presenter today, down in Springfield. We did more gossiping than working, but we figured out how to do the introduction. I also found out what happened to someone with whom we used to work and who got fired.

I was craving a burger, so I stopped at Culver's and had one. Probably shouldn't have spent the money, but it was good.

When I got back, I took a nap with Mimi and Zara. Zara has decided that the wicker chest in the window, on which I put the zabuton, is the perfect cat bed.

I've had a hard time getting going, but I threw my laundry in. It's hot in here. I need to work in the office, but I have so much stuff piled on the table by the window, that I don't know if I can get the fan in the window. I guess that's incentive to get stuff organized in here.

Goofy Day

May. 11th, 2017 11:01 pm
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I overslept this morning by 45 minutes, and made it in 7 minutes late to relieve the front desk worker for lunch. I consider that a moral victory. Forgot to take my morning meds, so I was tired all day.

Good news though. I've been trying for years to get appointed to one of the committees of librarians selected from members of our consortium, and this year, I finally made it. I guess that I'm heading in the right direction in developing my career...two presentations and a committee appointment...

I almost forgot to take dinner tonight. I usually go at 5:45 PM, but had planned to go at 4 PM because I got in early. I left at 5:30. Oops. So now I'm not hungry yet.

I also forgot that we're working only seven-hour days in the summer, and worked eight. I needed to be on online chat from 7 - 9 PM though, so I don't know how I would have been able to work seven. I'm on salary though, so it doesn't really matter.

I worked a little on my poster presentation. I'm planning to work a lot on it on Sunday.

I need to scramble to run errands and do laundry tomorrow because I need to meet with my co-presenter on Saturday to discuss the intro to our (live) presentation. Life is going to be hectic up though the time that we do the presentation (a week from this Tuesday).

When I got home, I enjoyed lying on my bed, playing with my phone, and snuggling with two cats. Home is where the heart is. I'm feeling more guilty about Mimi because there was a picture on Facebook of a sad dog who has been bouncing from home to home. That's Mimi's situation. I'm her third human. Well, I'm not doing anything about her right now. And she's been mellow tonight.


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