Jul. 22nd, 2007 02:01 am
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I'm a little worried about Random. He's lost a lot of weight, enough so that I can feel his spine sticking up. So I've started feeding him moist food in the office with the door closed. Harlee and Nima think that it's woefully unfair that Random gets a treat and they don't, and they stand right outside the door and meow.

He also isn't taking very good care of himself. He always has looked kind of ratty, but he looks worse now.

However, he's alert and actively involved in what's going on.

The vet already has told me that he's showing signs of kidney problems, but I can't afford the prescription food for him right now.
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I've been having a weird problem with my Internet connection. When I logged on to MSN, it went through the normal authentication and sign-on routine. Then it opened its Start page (using Internet Explorer). However, when I clicked a link on the Start page, I got a "This page cannot be displayed" error. When I opened a second IE window. it also displayed a "This page cannot be displayed" error. When I opened a Firefox window, it said that either start.mozilla.org or www.google.com could not be found.

I called MSN Support, and we mucked around with the networking settings. When I rebooted, the Firefox window worked, although IE did not. The service rep told me to reinstall IE and closed the problem. However, when I shut down MSN and started it again, Firefox was no longer working.

Then for several days, the connection worked after midnight and only after midnight. (That is to say, Firefox worked, and sometimes IE worked and sometimes it didn't.)

Now for the last 24 hours, I've been able to log on and use either IE or Firefox. Great, but I don't trust the machine.

When I had a similar problem in the past, I reinstalled Windows and it fixed the problem. A little like striking a fly with a mallet, but I've also been having problems with AdWare on my machine, so arguably I should reinstall Windows, reinstall software, copy backed-up data, install a firewall, and capture an image of the machine on my external hard drive. However, my Windows 2000 CD is not a recovery CD, so I need to find out what drivers to copy and how to register them with Device Manager, or I need to get CompUSA to do it.

It's a bad time for my machine to be out of commission. I need it for job search stuff plus I'm taking an online class in documenting Java APIs, which will require me to use Javadoc and such. So I'm in a dilemma: do I reinstall now, or do I wait, hope that the machine will keep working, and reinstall after my class is over?

In other news, I had my first meeting with my new psychiatrist, and I really like him. He's looking at my symptoms as a case of schizoaffective disorder (mixed schizophrenic and bipolar symptoms), which is what I've been saying for a long time. He wants to wean me off of lithium and see if the lithium has been causing some of the cognitive problems I've been having. I think that I'll like working with him; when I questioned some of the medication choices, he just explained why he decided what he did without getting on his high horse.

And on the kitty front, Harlee has been roaming around the entire place more, and Random has been ignoring her (instead of running at her) much of the time. There might be light at the end of the tunnel....
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I had a bad case of the glums today (probably partially because of the weather). I needed to call back a recruiter, and was pleased that she wasn't at her desk so I didn't have to talk to her.

So I decided to take the evening off and see a movie. I went to see Babel. It's interesting and engrossing, but lacks something. In the movie, a series of bad decisions by several characters in different places turn to possible tragedy. The reviewer who said that she was "shaken, but not stirred" by the movie got it just right, IMO. Seeing all the different locales in the movie was fun.

So now I'm home again. Random and Harlee are sticking to their respective territories and not interacting with each other; Nima is a sort of roving ambassador who eats everyone's food. I'm appreciating the peace and quiet.

Tomorrow I'm planning to get cracking on stuff around here. I might stay home all day if I don't go stir-crazy.


Jan. 24th, 2007 05:43 pm
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I now have Internet access from home (the luxury!)

Comcast is desperately trying to get me back as a customer. Their rep offered me a special offer, but I told him that he couldn't even get into my living room right now, so he's calling me later.

Random and Harlee seem to be fighting less.

And so it goes.....
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Okay, the black cat and the calico cat. Harlee stayed in my room for a couple of days, and decided that she wanted out again. Since then, she and Random have had a fight, including yowling (my neighbors must love me), at least once a day.

But wait--there's more. I woke up this morning to find kitty diarrhea all over the bathroom. (I'm now assuming that was Harlee, and she and Random had a fight that I slept through. Yes, I'm not kidding when I say that I'm a heavy sleeper.)

Then they had another fight in the evening that I did break up, and Harlee also had diarrhea on the living room carpet. Lovely.

Harlee now growls whenever she sees Random. I think that's part of what's causing the fights. Random actually is easier to calm down after a fight than Harlee is.

I don't know what to do. I had the bright idea for a while of using one of the bookcases as a "door," so that Harlee had a little room of her own with food, water, and a litter box. The only way to get in or out was over a high mound of boxes. Well, that lasted only as long as Harlee wanted it to last, and then over the boxes she went, and that's when she had a fight with Random. I can't stay home all the time to referee, and I need to sleep.

I'm at the end of my rope.

Also, there's an update on the telephone saga. Talk America said that my new phone number was activated on the 13th. However, I don't get a dial tone with my cordless phone. I got a cheap corded phone tonight at WalMart, and I'll try the jacks again.

I wonder whose line got turned on instead of mine.

And finally, I found some information on the Internet (from [livejournal.com profile] iamnotbroken) about changing your sleep patterns and waking up when the alarm first goes off. I've had mixed success, but I'll keep at it.
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The title is from a Girl Scout camp song. I don't remember what the point of it was.

Anyway, yes, we're here in San Jose. I'm here; the cats are here; my tons of stuff are here.

The cats are much calmer than they were during the move to Fresno. I'd be surprised if they remembered the condo 9 months after the move to Fresno, but maybe some of their scent still remains on the place. Random and Nima are interacting well, but there's some friction between Random and Harlee. At first, I kept Harlee in my bedroom in the hope of reintroducing her to Random slowly. I enjoyed having her in my bedroom to cuddle with. However, last night, she burst out of my bedroom into the rest of the condo. So I said, "Okay, you and Random work it out," and went to sleep. Later, she meowed at my bedroom door to be let in, so I let her in. Later, she wanted to go out again, and because I had an interview set with a recruiter at lunchtime, I was less than amused at the sleep interruptions. She's now in a corner of the living room and is refusing to leave it, so I wonder if Random is blocking her from the rest of the place. Sigh. (I guess that I'm getting a inkling what it's like to be a parent; much as I meddle, she and Random have to work things out on their own. I hate to see her unhappy though.)

The interview with the recruiter went okay. My resume is now in their database. She might have some other word-of-mouth leads. She told me to expect a pay cut. However, she did say that there was a shortage of writers because so many writers left during the downturn. The one thing that the interview pointed out was that I need to spend more time updating my skills. Brian Tracy once said that if you spent an hour a day improving your job skills, you can name your price, and he's probably right. So I need to dedicate some time for education. Given that I'm unemployed, I should be able to find the time. On the other hand, I'm shocked at how busy I am. The other major tasks that I have are (of course) unpacking boxes and searching for a job.

The one major glitch is that I have no telephone access, and therefore, no Internet access. I keep calling Talk America and complaining to no avail. Instead, I've been going to Kinko's and using their outrageously expensive Internet access. At first, I just checked my e-mail and logged off. Now I've been skimming LJ because I need some entertainment. I'm writing this update at home for the same reason.

I'm trying to keep my spirits up. Coming back here feels like defeat to me. I need to plan some outings to places that I like in the area.


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