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May. 13th, 2017 10:49 pm
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Mom is doing well. We're on track for her to come visit a week from Thursday. (I'm taking time off after the conference at which I'm presenting.) We're going to look at my Charleston-Savannah book and discuss where we'd like to go, among other things.

I told my mom that I want to retire in Clearwater, Florida, and she said, "Clearwater, Florida???" But I explained what interested me in it. (She liked the description of the 55+ complex.)

It is flipping hot in here, even with the A/C on. And I need to run the oven to bake a quiche. Poor planning on my part? Florida can't be much more humid than Central Illinois.

Oh well, the food won't make itself. (Boy, would I love a robot that cooked for me.)
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We work only seven hours a day in the summer. I'm loving it. Right now, the extra five hours are going into going through my stuff, but everything that I get rid of is stuff that I won't have to deal with in a move later. And I am actually getting rid of a lot of stuff.

And I'm thinking about what I would do during retirement. My spontaneous reaction is what would I DO with myself, so I'm thinking about what I would do with myself. I'm working on a list of things to do in retirement or to learn before I retire.

Things to learn before retirement:

  • Relearn how to ride a bike. I'd like to spend time on biking (and hiking) trails.

  • How to play pool? That's something that I've wanted to learn since I was a kid. The woman with whom I'm doing the presentation later this month is a pool player. Maybe I should hire her to teach me.

  • Learn to play golf? I've been interested in that since high school. But there's always miniature golf :)

  • Improve my photography skills

  • Take singing lessons

Things to learn during retirement:

  • Audit online classes

  • Audit university classes?

  • Guitar and piano (if not sooner)

  • Foreign languages

Other things to do:

  • Write regularly

  • Volunteer

  • Container garden

  • Travel as much as I can afford

It's a start. I have time to think about this because I want to retire at 70 to max out Social Security. And I might look for part-time work after that (preferably at home).
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In poking around online info about Clearwater, I found a 55+ community ("On Top of the World") with condos that aren't too expensive. It has its own bus stop and shuttles to local shopping centers. It has a range of recreation activities, including two gyms, swimming pools, tai chi classes, exercise classes, ceramics and jewelry classes, a chorus, golf (I'd like to learn), and tennis (I'd like to learn), and clubs. Some of this stuff is at 8 AM though. No way. When I'm retired, I'm sleeping until noon every day. I'll be damned if I'd play shuffleboard or bingo though. Anyway, it's something to look into.
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I have my eyes on Clearwater, Florida as a possible retirement place. I wondered if there was a train from St. Pete-Clearwater to Orlando, and there is. It's even cheap, and there are cheap hotels in Orlando. Epcot, here I come if I do move down there. Disney doesn't appear to have a senior discount though. There is some sort of "Florida resident discount".

I went to look for a train to other places in Florida, and Amtrak's Web site said that there were no trains. However, I found trains from Orlando to places like Miami. So. Amtrak, your Web site is tripping out.


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