Crappy Day

Sep. 18th, 2017 12:37 am
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My boss was having a bunch of students come in on Friday (when I was off) and clear out some old magazines and books and such from a back area. I told him that the items to be thrown out needed to be in boxes that were closed (but not taped shut) in order for Maintenance to take them.

I came in to some items in boxes, yes, but not closed, and loose magazines piled on top of them. Maintenance won't take that. So I needed to do something with it so that Maintenance would take the mess, er stuff. Oy. I was kind of wishing that I kept a bottle of booze in my desk because I would have taken a swig. I said several choice words. It's all in boxes now or on carts.

Then my bad knee collapsed. I might have done something to it while leaning over the boxes. I can walk on it, but it hurts a little. Took ibuprofen. Now the other knee is hurting.

I forgot to sign into chat reference :( For a while, anyway.

I spilled flavored (and colored) water on the carpet at work, which might stain the carpet.

I'm feeling very emotional and fragile. I'm tempted to go to sleep now to break the cycle, but I have stuff to get done, and a history of not getting up early. Still, it might not be a bad idea to snuggle cats and crash.

New possible retirement place: Eugene, OR. Cheaper than Portland (which I love), and has lots of great hiking trails, festivals (Bach Festival!), and is very green (both literally and figuratively). Who knows how expensive it'll be by the time that I retire though. It's cheaper than Austin and Santa Fe. Another place to check out!

Retirement is sounding really good today.
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I dragged my weary butt into work today. I'm still feeling a little under the weather (I wound up lying down for a little while this morning because I had a headache), but am better than before.

I found a MOOC class (online class) on Bitcoin and blockchain technologies given by Princeton for free, so I signed up for it. It even recommends a book that I already checked out of the library. I also signed up for a series of investment courses, plus one on computational investing, starring everyone's favorite programming language, Python. It would be good to work on it while waiting for a market correction.

I'm concerned about the nursing home in Hollywood, FL that didn't have air conditioning after Irma, and several patients died. That's a point against retiring in Florida. I looked into Santa Fe, and there is some risk of earthquakes, although they haven't had a strong one, and high risk of wildfires (like most of the west). No hurricanes, of course. Santa Fe is looking more and more positive. I want to check out Albuquerque also.

My feline overlords are not happy with their staff. I must make amends.
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I had a headache last night, lay down "for a little while," amd woke up at 5 AM. At that point, I gave Harlee her meds, ate something, took my meds, turned off the lights, and went back to sleep. Despite getting to sleep early, I woke up to my alarm at noon.

We had a staff meeting this afternoon. I figured out how to hook my laptop to the projector, and the meeting went well.

Then I took off to Jacksonville to pick up the eclipse glasses. I got caught in stop-and-go traffic in Springfield, but otherwise, the trip went okay. (It's about 1.25 hours one way without a lot of traffic.) picked up the glasses. The glasses seem like good glasses--they block out the light--but I'll look them up to be sure that they're okay.

However...they're predicting rain tomorrow right around the time of the eclipse. It would really suck if we can't see it.

On a different topic, I'm also interested in Santa Fe, NM as a possible retirement place, although I need to do more research. However, I can take a trip there for a low price, so I might go there next year. I really need to get out of town!

On Track

May. 13th, 2017 10:49 pm
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Mom is doing well. We're on track for her to come visit a week from Thursday. (I'm taking time off after the conference at which I'm presenting.) We're going to look at my Charleston-Savannah book and discuss where we'd like to go, among other things.

I told my mom that I want to retire in Clearwater, Florida, and she said, "Clearwater, Florida???" But I explained what interested me in it. (She liked the description of the 55+ complex.)

It is flipping hot in here, even with the A/C on. And I need to run the oven to bake a quiche. Poor planning on my part? Florida can't be much more humid than Central Illinois.

Oh well, the food won't make itself. (Boy, would I love a robot that cooked for me.)
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We work only seven hours a day in the summer. I'm loving it. Right now, the extra five hours are going into going through my stuff, but everything that I get rid of is stuff that I won't have to deal with in a move later. And I am actually getting rid of a lot of stuff.

And I'm thinking about what I would do during retirement. My spontaneous reaction is what would I DO with myself, so I'm thinking about what I would do with myself. I'm working on a list of things to do in retirement or to learn before I retire.

Things to learn before retirement:

  • Relearn how to ride a bike. I'd like to spend time on biking (and hiking) trails.

  • How to play pool? That's something that I've wanted to learn since I was a kid. The woman with whom I'm doing the presentation later this month is a pool player. Maybe I should hire her to teach me.

  • Learn to play golf? I've been interested in that since high school. But there's always miniature golf :)

  • Improve my photography skills

  • Take singing lessons

Things to learn during retirement:

  • Audit online classes

  • Audit university classes?

  • Guitar and piano (if not sooner)

  • Foreign languages

Other things to do:

  • Write regularly

  • Volunteer

  • Container garden

  • Travel as much as I can afford

It's a start. I have time to think about this because I want to retire at 70 to max out Social Security. And I might look for part-time work after that (preferably at home).
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In poking around online info about Clearwater, I found a 55+ community ("On Top of the World") with condos that aren't too expensive. It has its own bus stop and shuttles to local shopping centers. It has a range of recreation activities, including two gyms, swimming pools, tai chi classes, exercise classes, ceramics and jewelry classes, a chorus, golf (I'd like to learn), and tennis (I'd like to learn), and clubs. Some of this stuff is at 8 AM though. No way. When I'm retired, I'm sleeping until noon every day. I'll be damned if I'd play shuffleboard or bingo though. Anyway, it's something to look into.
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I have my eyes on Clearwater, Florida as a possible retirement place. I wondered if there was a train from St. Pete-Clearwater to Orlando, and there is. It's even cheap, and there are cheap hotels in Orlando. Epcot, here I come if I do move down there. Disney doesn't appear to have a senior discount though. There is some sort of "Florida resident discount".

I went to look for a train to other places in Florida, and Amtrak's Web site said that there were no trains. However, I found trains from Orlando to places like Miami. So. Amtrak, your Web site is tripping out.


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