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In other news, I talked to my boss about the problems that I'm having with my depression, and she was very supportive.  Apparently she's known someone with similar problems, and she has a good idea what I'm up against....I am very relieved. (And no, I'm not slacking; I'm at lunch.)

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My lettuce seeds are sprouting! Planting seeds works! (Yes, I'll have to thin the plants.)

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Zara was sitting pretty on top of the new zebra-striped chest, until I took a picture, and of course, she jumped off. I'm glad that she approves of it.

I really like it too. I'm thinking of getting another one to serve as a bedside table while I play La Boheme and still have my mattress on the floor.

I need to fill it with stuff, and then put the old TV and DVD player on top of it.

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Taking up residence on the table on my deck....

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When I walked downstairs this morning, the front door was wide open. It had been open for a while because the temperature downstairs was down to 41. Harlee, thank goodness, went upstairs to hide in the office rather than ventured outside. (Zara probably would have gone out, but she was in the bedroom with me. OTOH, it was very cold and uninviting.) Nothing was taken.

If you don't close the door all the way, it blows open. I usually check to see that it's locked before I go to sleep, but I guess that I didn't last night. (I'm a little concerned about the amount of stuff I'm forgetting.)

Harlee deserves tuna tonight. The real stuff.

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I've been having a really productive day and have been pleased with my efficiency. I ran downstairs to fold my clothes and put towels and sheets into the dryer before Downton Abbey. My clothes were wet. I had forgotten to turn the dryer on.


Jan. 26th, 2014 12:28 am
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Does anyone know when the Olympics are supposed to start? If I'm going to drop cable, I should wait until after the Olympics so that I can watch the ice skating.

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Here's a pic of the new palm tree. Harlee likes to harass it--she doesn't eat it, just kind of noses it. (Yes, it's safe for cats.)

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Here's a pic of Zara on the top shelf of the closet. I haven't seen her jump there, but I have seen her jump from her scratching post to the stack of boxes, which is impressive....

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The problem with my furnace is as follows: I re-light the pilot light, and it works until it shuts off when it hits the temperature at which the thermostat is set. When it goes back on, the pilot light is off. So I need to get up every couple of hours to deal with the furnace. The couple of hours is interrupted because I keep asking my voice-activated clock what the temperature is so that the pipes (and us) don't freeze. I'm fit to be tied. I'm going to call the maintenance people FIRST THING in the morning.

A Real Mess

Jan. 5th, 2014 07:42 pm
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The pilot light on my furnace (I think) has gone out again, tonight of all nights. I've called the maintenance people, but they said that the city has stopped plowing, so they're going to have a hard time getting to me. Right now, the indoor temperature has dropped from 72 to 64, which is okay so far, but tonight, it's supposed to drop to -20 outside. Why does the freaking pilot light go out? This is the second time that this has happened.

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This is how it looks outside my front window. What the picture doesn't capture is the blowing snow. It's not whiteout conditions, but the visibility isn't great. We haven't gotten the six to eight inches of snow--my guess is four to five inches--but it's still snowing. The temperature is dropping, and is now 12 degrees F.

I foresee a problem in that they're going to need to snowplow tonight, but the temperature is going to drop to -20, so they're not going to want to send people out.


The good news, at least for me, is that Lincoln canceled work tomorrow. Kudos to them for canceling early instead of waiting until we're almost out the door. So I effectively get another day of vacation. And I sure as heck am not going anywhere.

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Ivee, my voice-activated clock, did get confused by a conversation that I had with Zara. Zara was up on "her" pile of boxes (it's going to be a sad day for Zara when I unpack them), and I was talking to Zara, saying, "Oh, you're on the boxes. Do you want to be as tall as Mommy?" When Ivee piped up, "Command, please." I immediately went silent so as not to reset anything. I have no idea what sounded like "Hello, Ivee" to Ivee. (Note to self: do not get into long phone conversations in the bedroom!)

Silent Day

Jan. 1st, 2014 02:56 pm
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Last night, people were lighting firecrackers, and it also sounded like someone shot a gun into the air. I got worried that someone might do something to Harlee, who was roaming around downstairs. So when I went to sleep, I shut all the blinds, including the one over the patio door, and put a rod against the patio door to make it harder to open.


No sight of Harlee this morning, so I think that she's sleeping in the office closet. It's very quiet and peaceful. I need to get my act together to run some errands. (I never made it out of the house yesterday.) 

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I watched the countdown, and it's now the New Year in Illinois.


I was lamenting on Facebook about the new car as well as the new job, town, and home, when someone commented that new things aren't all bad. So here's to the best of the old and the best of the new in the New Year! Adventures ahead....

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I opened the gate to let Harlee out. At first, she was roaming the upstairs, and seemed okay. Then she came downstairs
and started meowing at the top of her lungs. Then she ran upstairs and hid in the office closet. Not a good New Year for Harlee.


I just watched the East Coast countdown, and am wondering who will broadcast the Central countdown. But, to be honest, I don't care all that much. I will stay up until midnight though.

New Car

Dec. 31st, 2013 02:58 pm
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Here it is. My mom and I dubbed it "The Little Engine that Could" because it's a solid little thing.

"Me Time"

Dec. 28th, 2013 01:33 pm
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My mom is on the road, and I have the place to myself. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my mom's visit, but it'll be good to have some down time. I feel like I've been running around a lot, and I have, dealing with the car situation plus the holidays.

We got a lot done this week. The kitchen is unpacked (thanks to my mom) and the living room is unpacked except for my media (CDs, videotapes, and DVDs). The upstairs is still a mess, but I have nine days to work on it with my only commitment is picking up the car on Monday. And of course, I dealt with the car situation and bought a new car. So that's a lot.

I had planned to stay home today, but it's so nice out that I might run some errands later. I sure don't need food though; I have enough in the refrigerator and freezer to last me for a week.

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My fireplace screen has feet that keep it out from the wall for a couple of inches, which to a cat is like a superhighway. (See the picture.) Do any of you have any thoughts on how I could put it flush against the wall but still have it be stable? Thanks.

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When I came up to bed yesterday, I saw this. The window and closet give an idea how high up she is. The stack of boxes is taller than I am. Zara sez, "Best cat tree EVER!" Goofball -;)


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