Better Day

Sep. 19th, 2017 12:28 am
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I had problems falling asleep because my knee was hurting. I stuck a pillow under it for a while, which helped at first, and then became uncomfortable. When I woke up this morning, the pillowcase was off of it, and I swear that it had one last night. I can't find the pillowcase. Do I remove pillowcases in my sleep? Did Zara grab it for her "lair"? Inquiring minds want to know.

Zara's lair is a box on its side. She pulled off the top sheet from my bed and made a nest for herself. She likes to sleep in there. You know that you're a cat person have an empty box prominently displayed in your bedroom.

Mimi cracked me up yesterday. I had finished my shower, and was grabbing my cell phone before I went to work. Mimi scrunched up her face like she was smelling something bad. Apparently she didn't like the fact that I smelled like scented body wash. Ewwww.

Anyway, my knee. At first, I was feeling cranky at work because I hurt my knee there, and it hurts. But then I got involved in some interesting things, so that helped. It's not all better though. I'm refusing to put stuff in boxes at work until it feels better.

I went to the store, and forgot two things. That'll teach me to go without a list. One was cookies, which I could live without, although cookies cure a lot of ills, but the other was acetaminophen, which I need for my knee. So I need to go back after I feed the hordes. At least the store is five minutes from here.

Crappy Day

Sep. 18th, 2017 12:37 am
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My boss was having a bunch of students come in on Friday (when I was off) and clear out some old magazines and books and such from a back area. I told him that the items to be thrown out needed to be in boxes that were closed (but not taped shut) in order for Maintenance to take them.

I came in to some items in boxes, yes, but not closed, and loose magazines piled on top of them. Maintenance won't take that. So I needed to do something with it so that Maintenance would take the mess, er stuff. Oy. I was kind of wishing that I kept a bottle of booze in my desk because I would have taken a swig. I said several choice words. It's all in boxes now or on carts.

Then my bad knee collapsed. I might have done something to it while leaning over the boxes. I can walk on it, but it hurts a little. Took ibuprofen. Now the other knee is hurting.

I forgot to sign into chat reference :( For a while, anyway.

I spilled flavored (and colored) water on the carpet at work, which might stain the carpet.

I'm feeling very emotional and fragile. I'm tempted to go to sleep now to break the cycle, but I have stuff to get done, and a history of not getting up early. Still, it might not be a bad idea to snuggle cats and crash.

New possible retirement place: Eugene, OR. Cheaper than Portland (which I love), and has lots of great hiking trails, festivals (Bach Festival!), and is very green (both literally and figuratively). Who knows how expensive it'll be by the time that I retire though. It's cheaper than Austin and Santa Fe. Another place to check out!

Retirement is sounding really good today.


Sep. 12th, 2017 10:59 pm
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I've been working on scheduling blog posts and pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I was going to go to the store, but I just suddenly lost steam. I guess that I'll feed the girls and go to sleep early and get up early. I should be able to work tomorrow.

I don't think that the staff member tonight saw my text to cover books. Oh well.
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I'm still feeling headachy and queasy, so I'm out sick again today. I probably could have dragged myself in, but I do have the sick time, and my boss said that he didn't want people to work when they're sick, so I decided to stay home.

I fed the girls. (I had a feline chorus going for a while: Harlee and Mimi. Zara is generally silent.) It was a little early to feed them, but they expect to be fed when I get up.

I checked the Hurricane Irma updates, and now I'm going back to sleep.

Home Sick

Sep. 11th, 2017 01:00 pm
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When I was doing homework last night, I suddenly felt like I was going to throw up. Every time that I moved my head, I felt very dizzy. I finished my homework through force of will (although I kept on making stupid mistakes, but I fixed them). Then I crawled into bed.

Today, I'll still not feeling well, although not quite as bad as last night. I stayed home sick. My stomach was okay until I smelled Harlee's food, which made me queasy. I fed the hordes and am going back to sleep.

Oh, and I'm glad that the Tampa area (where I might retire) seems to have dodged a bullet. All I've heard about is minor damage.
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Slept until 1:30 PM. Mimi wasn't pleased, but too bad :) Did my normal morning routine, and flew out of here to go pick up Harlee's prescription food. Had a chai at the downtown coffeeshop. (I like to give them business occasionally to help keep them in business.)

Stopped by work. I had written up a draft e-mail last night to send to the person who checked out the book that I delivered last night, but when I logged onto my e-mail last night, the e-mail didn't have her e-mail address on it. So I logged on from work...and there was the draft e-mail with her e-mail address on it. Clearly I'm losing it.

Ran a couple more errands, and now I'm back home. Ate some dinner. Next on the docket is laundry.

Mom should be flying from Chicago to Detroit right now. I'm looking forward to talking with her tomorrow.
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The front desk worker was off sick, so I relieved my boss for lunch. Then I sorted through a bunch of junk because he wants to open up an area that we have closed. I made a mad dash up to Normal to drop off a library book. My job is never dull or repetitive. I like that.

I received my Java book that I bought, and I'm rather annoyed because someone opened the package. I hope that it was a mistake, and not someone trying to rip me off.

I had a taste for spaghetti and garlic bread, so I picked some up. It was good.

I'm kind of tired. I'm going to appease Harlee, who has been complaining (so what else is new?), get into pajamas, and do some reading. Along with the Java book that I bought, I checked out a Java book and a (good) book about cryptocurrency. Plus I have a book about creating a drop-ship business that I want to plow through. I might go to the coffeeshop tomorrow and read as well.

It's my weekend. I like three-day weeks!

Oh, and I'm appalled by the hurricane damage to Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. The place is on my bucket list, and looking at the pictures of the damage makes me want to cry. Here's hoping that Irma won't hit Florida too hard.
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I did manage to wake up in time for my conference call in the morning. Mimi and Zara got into a noisy fight in the middle of it--the perils of working from home.

The front desk worker went home sick in the late afternoon, so I was alone at the front desk tonight. It went okay. Time seemed to be passing slowly, but then I discovered that I received the credit card bill for our library credit card, which I reconcile. This bill had most of the new books that we bought this summer, so it kept me occupied for quite some time. When I ran out of things to do, I did some research into cryptocurrency. I'm interested in a company called Ripple, which enables international money transfers between different currencies. It uses synchronized transaction logs on multiple servers as security rather than blockchains. (Yes, I'm aware that's probably Greek to most of the people reading this post.) I would gladly invest in the company, but it hasn't had an IPO yet. It has its own digital currency (like bitcoin), and I don't know if that's a good investment or not. Need to do some more research. It's cheap right now.

The cats have been full of havoc since I came home. I received the freeze-dried shrimp, and none of them were interested in it. I think that I have defective cats :)

I want to feed the girls and crash because 1) I'm really tired, and 2) if the front desk worker is out sick tomorrow, I'll need to relieve my boss for his lunch.
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Our A/C is still out at work. My boss has been leaving the staff door open to increase ventilation, but I keep waiting for a squirrel to come walking in. I hope that they finally fix the A/C this week.

I worked with my friend Jude tonight, which is always fun. We should figure out something that we can do together sometime.

Mimi was trying to convince me to feed her when I came home for dinner. Not. They get fed twice a day. Zara was stalking my corn dog. A quiet dinner at home.

I picked up some more corn dogs, which make a great lunch. I also splurged on a pair of pajamas that say, "Shoot for the Moon" on the shirt. The pajama bottoms have moons and stars on them. $7 at Walmart.

I'm watching the news about Hurricane Irma and fretting. I'm glad that they are evacuating the Florida Keys. That's one disadvantage to retiring in Florida. My dream right now is to be a snowbird; retire mainly in Santa Fe, but live in Florida during the winter and spring. I need to get to work on my programming to make more money. Speaking of such, I'm going to cancel the Android class and work with some Java books that I've ordered from the library. I'll pick the class up again when I have a better knowledge of Java.

I need to get up early for a conference call, so I need to go crash after paying tribute to Her Royal Highness, the Princess Harlee.
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At the tail end of my sleep last night, I dreamed a voice saying, "The same people keep forgetting to do their timesheets." Then I woke up and said, "Yes, that would be me." I fired off an e-mail to my boss saying that I would come in later to do my timesheet. Then I went back to sleep. I intended to get up at noon, but slept until 1:30.

Got up, fed me and the cats, got myself put together, etc. Ran over to work to fill out my timesheet.

Then I ran errands. Ordered Harlee's food, and got refills on meds for Harlee and me. Paid my car payment. Got gas. Picked up some soda.

Came home and snuggled with Mimi for a while. Now I"m taking a break, and then I need to make a grocery list and go to the store.

I think that I'm going to look into using coupons again. It's a bit of work, but I know a Web site that lists best deals.
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Four-day weekend. Woo-hoo!

Heartland said that it's okay for me to drop the Intro to Computers class. And I've dropped it. I'm really stoked. Everyone to whom I've talked at Heartland has been very nice. If I was cynical, I could chalk it up to keeping their student retention numbers up :)

It's actually nice out: 66 degrees F. Inside the library, though, with all the computers and warm bodies and such, it's been beastly. I was packing books in boxes and had to stop because I was dripping sweat. I really, really hope that they fix the A/C next week.

Despite the heat, students have been inhaling coffee. It's almost creepy how fast it's going.

We met with a rep for a vendor for a long time. Despite saying that he was not a sales rep, he did a good job on selling us on exploring some new options for purchasing books.

Outside of work, the more that I read about Santa Fe, the more that it sounds perfect for me. (Well, except for the lack of a beach, but there are lakes in the area.) Lots of music, opera, museums, poetry readings, meditation groups, etc. Etc. I also looked into Los Alamos, but it's pricey. Erik and I stopped there during one of our cross-country trips because his dad had worked there. I didn't expect it to be so beautiful. Somehow, that seems ironic.

I enrolled in the Android programming class. On Coursera, not the one that they have at Heartland.

Hey, I can sleep in tomorrow! And buy food tomorrow. I'm getting tired of turkey burgers, but I know that I'm lucky to have them.
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I didn't get up early to call Heartland. My devious mind included my phone alarm in my dream. I was throwing out some electronic cards "because they kept making noise". I think that tomorrow I need to set the alarm that Zara hates (a mechanical alarm with bells). It usually works.

Today was hot. Did I mention that the air conditioning at work was struck by lightning and isn't working? It was a long, hot, beastly day. The front desk worker wore shorts, which was smart of him. I was dressed formally in a blazer, short-sleeved shirt, and pants. I was sweltering. I got a lot of stuff done today though, which made me feel good. I like being productive.

I've done a little more research about Santa Fe. It has some condos that are within the realm of reason price-wise, although a lot of Californians are retiring there, which will no doubt run the prices up. And it's very pretty. When I was a kid, I saw a picture or something of the area and became enamored of it. Erik and I spent part of a day there, and I liked it. It's worth spending some time there. Expedia had a package with a week's stay, including airfare, for as low as $700. I want to make the trip happen next year. I also requested books from the library about the area, and they're starting to come in. I want to do some reading about it during this long weekend.

I can't believe that tomorrow, it will have been 20 years since Princess Diana died. I remember that day well, and it just seems like a few years ago.

Long Day

Aug. 30th, 2017 12:16 am
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I've been really tired all day. I also was working on some really tedious stuff that needs to be done, so that didn't help. I was swilling coffee, and I'm still tired.

Going to sleep early is a good idea anyway because I need to call someone in the Computer Science department at Heartland about dropping my Intro to Computers class. I'm glad that I won't need to go up there on Friday.

Anyway, writing this isn't getting me closer to going to sleep.
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My new Library Director is nice. I needed to drive some books up to the Normal campus, but I'm low on funds for gas. I asked if I could get a few dollars out of petty cash to pay for gas, and he said yes. He's going to propose that we not drive books up there, but instead, ask patrons at the Normal campus to have their books sent to local colleges and universities. (The one down the street is Heartland, where I'm taking classes.) We'll see how that goes over.

I think that I used more gas than I got money for, but I should be okay.

On the way back, I was listening to an audiobook called The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur. I'm not thrilled with the book, but I came up with four ideas for smartphone apps while I was listening. (I need to check Google Play to see that no one else has created them already.) I was wondering if there were classes on Android development, and Coursera has a sequence of five classes in it. It looks like Heartland might let me skip the Introduction to Computers class. If so, I could enroll in these classes this fall. They're even not too expensive. Heartland has a class in Android development too. The more programming that I do, the better at programming I'll be. So it's good. I'm excited!

I've been thinking about the long weekend coming up, and want to find a cool place to hike. Otherwise, I want to stay home and get stuff done.

Harlee was calling me, although she seems to have given up. Anyway, she needs snuggles.
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I've been reading about the flooding in Houston. Holy cow. My thoughts are with them.

I overslept this morning, but I still got in before everyone else. The library seems to be jinxed: first one of the part-time worker's father died, then the e-mail was down (it's now back up), and another part-time worker came hobbling in today using a walker. I hope that's it.

My mom called me at work from Scotland. The trip is going well. Her friend has them up and moving early though. One day he said, "We can have a late start today" -- at 8:15 AM. I'm glad that I'm not on the trip :) Scotland sounds beautiful. My mom seems to be holding up okay. So that's good.

My mom and I keep talking about taking a Dublin-London trip together. She really wants to make it happen. No arguments here.

I'm tired; I don't know why. I think that I'll go to bed soon.
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I'm taking tomorrow off to get myself back on my Sunday-Thursday schedule. My new boss gave me a look when I mentioned it, but I've mentioned my schedule before. I suppose that we could change it, but he'll need to tell the people in Normal that I won't be available for chat reference on Sunday. Anyway, I'm going to be off tomorrow.

I had planned to stay home tomorrow, but my instructor for my Introduction to Computers class said that there was a way to skip that class, and that I was a good candidate for skipping it. But I need to go up to Normal to talk to someone on campus. As long as I'm up there, I could return Harlee's expensive food that she can no longer eat, but I can't find the receipt. I suppose that I could exchange it for food that Mimi and Zara WILL eat.

I'm tired. I still haven't posted my flat bench/slant board on the local garage sale site, but I think that I'm going to bed and try to get up at a decent hour and post it.
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I had an upset stomach when I got home from work yesterday. Eating made it worse. So I lay down, and wound up sleeping until this morning. I had a nasty attack of diarrhea this morning too. I have IBS, although I'm not taking anything for it. So I guess that it was a flare-up. I felt okay today though.

I've got the new databases set up at work. The full-time front desk worker is thrilled about the new music library. He thinks that he'll use it a lot, and so will I. I had a long discussion with the new director about what the library needs, and he wants to get our book budget increased. I wish him luck. We really need it to update our collection; the majority of our books are from the 60s and 70s.

I have most of my work done for one of the classes. I need to work on the other one, but probably not tonight. I want to put a couple of items up for sale on the local Facebook garage sale site. I'm planning on going to the Balloon Festival this weekend. I have enough money to pay for admission and parking, but not enough to pig out on corn dogs and funnel cake ;) So I hope that people will buy my stuff.
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It was very cloudy today. I tried looking at the eclipse through my eclipse glasses, but the light was too diffuse to see anything. The best view that I had of the eclipse was through a reflection in a car window. However, I could tell that the eclipse was happening because my home got very, very dark. Overall, the eclipse was a bust, and I wasted money getting the eclipse glasses, but I would have hated to not have them if the view was clear. Oh well.

Classes have started at the college. The students are bringing a cool sort of energy that I've missed. Classes have started at Heartland too. I want to set up my due dates on my calendar, but my instructors aren't giving us the whole schedule, just a week at a time. Bah. I don't expect to learn much from these classes, but they are prerequisites to classes that I do want to take. Because the classes will be easy, I want to review some intros to psychology, statistics, and history, and sign up to be an online tutor to earn some money. I'm having a heck of a time finding a copy of a U.S. History textbook though. You'd think that there would be a bunch of them. Not.

Mimi is now refusing to eat the expensive food. I'm getting at my wit's end. Even if I could find the receipt, it would cost me gas money to go up to Bloomington to return the food. I think that she doesn't like the texture of one particular type of food (or so I hope), so I'll try a different kind. Zara is grudgingly eating the food that she normally likes. Harlee, who has the biggest reason to pick at her food because of her kidney problems, has been chowing down. Go Harlee.

I forgot to throw in my laundry when I got home, so I'm still doing it now. I have stuff to do, though, and I'll keep me awake until it's done. Harlee was complaining earlier, so I think that I'll grab one of my textbooks and read in her room. Multitasking and efficiency :)
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I had a headache last night, lay down "for a little while," amd woke up at 5 AM. At that point, I gave Harlee her meds, ate something, took my meds, turned off the lights, and went back to sleep. Despite getting to sleep early, I woke up to my alarm at noon.

We had a staff meeting this afternoon. I figured out how to hook my laptop to the projector, and the meeting went well.

Then I took off to Jacksonville to pick up the eclipse glasses. I got caught in stop-and-go traffic in Springfield, but otherwise, the trip went okay. (It's about 1.25 hours one way without a lot of traffic.) picked up the glasses. The glasses seem like good glasses--they block out the light--but I'll look them up to be sure that they're okay.

However...they're predicting rain tomorrow right around the time of the eclipse. It would really suck if we can't see it.

On a different topic, I'm also interested in Santa Fe, NM as a possible retirement place, although I need to do more research. However, I can take a trip there for a low price, so I might go there next year. I really need to get out of town!
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Finished the patron loads at work. Go me. And I'm prepared for the staff meeting on Sunday.

I had a doctor's appointment today. Mostly it was renewing my prescriptions, but apparently I'm still losing weight even though I'm not eating well. I've lost 20 pounds from my top weight.

I didn't go to the picnic at the college because 1) my stomach was upset, 2) I had a headache, and 3) my textbook was supposed to arrive from UPS. It did arrive in a very long box. It made me wonder if a robot picked the box. Weird.

I fret about Harlee too much. She's taking a tiny dose of Pepcid (1/8 of a 10 mg tablet). I bought some over the counter and cut it up, but it made me nervous to give it to her. I'm sure that she'll be okay though.

I'm planning to go to Funks Grove for my weekend jaunt. I've always loved the name. It makes me think of people doing the Funky Chicken in a grove of trees. They make maple syrup there, and there's a nature preserve and an old church.



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