Sep. 1st, 2017

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Four-day weekend. Woo-hoo!

Heartland said that it's okay for me to drop the Intro to Computers class. And I've dropped it. I'm really stoked. Everyone to whom I've talked at Heartland has been very nice. If I was cynical, I could chalk it up to keeping their student retention numbers up :)

It's actually nice out: 66 degrees F. Inside the library, though, with all the computers and warm bodies and such, it's been beastly. I was packing books in boxes and had to stop because I was dripping sweat. I really, really hope that they fix the A/C next week.

Despite the heat, students have been inhaling coffee. It's almost creepy how fast it's going.

We met with a rep for a vendor for a long time. Despite saying that he was not a sales rep, he did a good job on selling us on exploring some new options for purchasing books.

Outside of work, the more that I read about Santa Fe, the more that it sounds perfect for me. (Well, except for the lack of a beach, but there are lakes in the area.) Lots of music, opera, museums, poetry readings, meditation groups, etc. Etc. I also looked into Los Alamos, but it's pricey. Erik and I stopped there during one of our cross-country trips because his dad had worked there. I didn't expect it to be so beautiful. Somehow, that seems ironic.

I enrolled in the Android programming class. On Coursera, not the one that they have at Heartland.

Hey, I can sleep in tomorrow! And buy food tomorrow. I'm getting tired of turkey burgers, but I know that I'm lucky to have them.
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At the tail end of my sleep last night, I dreamed a voice saying, "The same people keep forgetting to do their timesheets." Then I woke up and said, "Yes, that would be me." I fired off an e-mail to my boss saying that I would come in later to do my timesheet. Then I went back to sleep. I intended to get up at noon, but slept until 1:30.

Got up, fed me and the cats, got myself put together, etc. Ran over to work to fill out my timesheet.

Then I ran errands. Ordered Harlee's food, and got refills on meds for Harlee and me. Paid my car payment. Got gas. Picked up some soda.

Came home and snuggled with Mimi for a while. Now I"m taking a break, and then I need to make a grocery list and go to the store.

I think that I'm going to look into using coupons again. It's a bit of work, but I know a Web site that lists best deals.
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Well, I didn't think that I was hungry when I went to the store. But junk food that was not on my list found its way into my cart. Ingredients to make Frisco melts. Corn dogs. Pizza (that was on my list.) The corn dogs were good. Burp.

I'm in the process of buying freeze-dried shrimp for the girls, but Chrome keeps on crashing. They don't like most kitty treats, so I hope that they'll like this one.

Otherwise, I plan to do some homework online and then crash. After I feed the hordes, of course.


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