Sep. 14th, 2017

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I dragged my weary butt into work today. I'm still feeling a little under the weather (I wound up lying down for a little while this morning because I had a headache), but am better than before.

I found a MOOC class (online class) on Bitcoin and blockchain technologies given by Princeton for free, so I signed up for it. It even recommends a book that I already checked out of the library. I also signed up for a series of investment courses, plus one on computational investing, starring everyone's favorite programming language, Python. It would be good to work on it while waiting for a market correction.

I'm concerned about the nursing home in Hollywood, FL that didn't have air conditioning after Irma, and several patients died. That's a point against retiring in Florida. I looked into Santa Fe, and there is some risk of earthquakes, although they haven't had a strong one, and high risk of wildfires (like most of the west). No hurricanes, of course. Santa Fe is looking more and more positive. I want to check out Albuquerque also.

My feline overlords are not happy with their staff. I must make amends.


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