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2017-07-25 11:42 pm

You Win Some; You Lose Some

Well, I'm still flaking out. I had a phone call scheduled to be a reference for a former colleague, and I completely forgot about it. They're going to call me on Friday morning, and that is engraved on my memory. Sheesh. I thought that I was handling all the stuff that was going on, but maybe not.

Speaking of which, the background check on the new Library Director is still not done (I thought that they just had to run a report or something? I wonder why it's taking so long?), but they're still hoping that he'll start on August 7th.

Apparently I have the rep at the Business Office that they should call me if they can't reach my boss. HR called me about a student worker's schedule. I figured out how to answer the question. Go me :)

I ordered more books.

I need to get up very early for a meeting in Champaign-Urbana tomorrow (about one hour and 20 minutes away), so I need to get cracking on getting organized and going to sleep.
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2017-07-25 07:30 am

Up Early

I was lying down when I fed Zara last night because my stomach was upset. I fell asleep, of course, and woke up around 5:30 AM. I got up, turned off lights, and changed into my sleeping apparel. Then I couldn't fall back asleep. I got up and ate breakfast. Couldn't fall asleep. So I guess that I'm up. Just as well because I have a meeting in Champaign-Urbana tomorrow morning.

My dad likes the Illinois Road Trips blog.
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2017-07-24 10:16 pm

I Blew It

I was supposed to come in early because the front desk worker was participating in an orientation for new students, and I completely forgot. It was on my calendar too; I just spaced it out. I saw an e-mail this morning reminding me about that, but I had already gotten up too late. I broke speed records throwing myself together. My boss and the front desk worker were nice about it. Heck of a start to the day though. It's nice to get home early though.

We're starting to get new books coming in. That's cool.

I am ravenous.
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2017-07-23 09:00 pm

Night Owl

I took a nap waiting for the acetaminophen to kick in, and overslept. It took a while for me to get on a roll. Now I'm on a roll, but it's getting late. Good thing that I don't need to be at work early tomorrow. Laundry is in the wash and Harlee's litter box is soaking.

I probably should eat something soon, but I'm not hungry.

I stepped on Mimi's paw earlier when she was running under my feet. She seems to be okay, but I notice that she's staying well away from my feet now.
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2017-07-23 02:59 pm

Having a "Lie In"

I didn't set my alarm today because I'm staying home. I slept until 1 PM, which is later than I normally get up. Mimi was not happy with me. She was HUNGRY! And I should feed her RIGHT NOW! I've fed them all now, and they've settled down.

Speaking of cats and food, they've decided that if I leave and come back, that means that I'm going to feed them. I normally feed them when I get home from work. Last night, I got home from my travels around 7 PM, which is way earlier then I normally feed them. Mimi and Zara were circling around like a couple of sharks. Cats!

I think that I'm going to work on a blog post. Later, I need to clean and do laundry. Oh yeah, set up food in the crockpot. And clean out the refrigerator because stuff is falling out.

My stupid knee hurts.
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2017-07-22 10:20 pm

Mom Report

She's been putting heat on her knee, which has been hurting, and it's helped. She's been catching up on her sleep.

She's decided that she will go on the trip to Scotland with her friend next month.
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2017-07-22 08:26 pm

Success on Route 66

I made it to the Pontiac Route 66 museum. It's kind of eclectic and has stuff loosely related to Route 66, but I got some good pictures. I also got a chance to listen to the "Get your kicks/on Route 66" song. The museum had parking and restrooms, which are always useful. Downtown Pontiac is pretty, with lots of old buildings.

Then I went looking for the Route 66 path in Towanda. This time, I found it, and found that there was a place to park at the gas station for Route 66 travelers. I didn't last very long though. The path goes one mile in one direction from where you park and 2.5 miles in the other direction. I started down the shorter route. My left leg started falling asleep part-way though. (Yes, I know, I should have it looked at, but I don't have a $1000 co-pay for an MRI. Chinzy insurance.) The high points were a couple of series of Burma-Shave signs, which I will post later.

Serendipity: I stopped at a rest area, and they had maps of various sites along Route 66, so I took pictures of the signs. I gather Route 66 is big business around here.

I was listening to an interesting audiobook while I was driving: Stick with It: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life-for Good. I'm only on the second chapter, but it seems sound and helpful. I've also ordered a copy of it for the library because it seemed like something that we should have. Whether the students will read it is another question.
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2017-07-22 01:39 pm

Not a Morning Person

I decided not to go to Springfield today. It was raining when I got up, plus I had problems winding down last night, and I was really tired. So I fed the girls and myself, and went back to sleep.

I got up a little while ago. Had lunch, and I'm about to throw myself together to go to the Route 66 museum in Pontiac.

The rain took the edge off of the heat though. It's a sad commentary when a temperature of "only" 87 degrees F feels a lot cooler.

I'm cursing the Chicago Public Library. I sent them a check because I accidentally spilled a drink on a book. I've forgotten about it. Three months later, they finally deposited the check, so I have less money than I thought.
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2017-07-21 08:32 pm

Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

I did take a nap. Woke up to hear someone knocking at the door, but the time that I got up, the person was gone. Decided it was too damn hot to throw myself together for a walk (95 F with a "heat index" of 111). Spent some time working on Instagram and Twitter. Procrastinated taking my shower so that I could do laundry. (I take a shower and put on light makeup before I trudge out to the laundry room. Vanity, vanity.) Finally got myself together and took the laundry to the laundry room. Both decent washers were taken. I'm feeling crankier about it than I have any right to feel.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the heat tomorrow. I'm signed up for a financial seminar in Springfield tomorrow. Afterward, I was going to go to a nature preserve in the area, but the peak of the heat will be at that time. I want to update the blog, but I don't want to make myself sick.

Speaking of updating the blog, I need to write a blog post. I also should make myself something to eat, but am not feeling very hungry. Heat, blah. The A/C has been going almost non-stop. I'm afraid to find out what my energy bill will be next month.

Oh, and my FitBit hasn't arrived. I messaged the seller about it.
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2017-07-21 01:52 pm

Falling Into a Book

I fell into a book last night. The Tales of the City books were a series of novels that were originally published in the San Francisco Chronicle, about the adventures of a group of singles in San Francisco in the 1980s. It was one of the first "mainstream" novels to include gay characters. The author wrote three novels 20 years later to update the characters. I picked up one of the later novels last night and was going to re-read it "for a little while," and wound up finishing it. But sometimes you need to do something frivolous. I need to buy the third of the later novels.

I woke up with a start this morning, thinking that I better get moving, or I was going to be late for work, when I realized that I was off today. The girls and I are now fed, and the girls got their snuggles.

I think that I might take a short nap. However, I feel like I have some energy. I suffer from seasonal depression during the winter on top of my normal depression, but conversely, in the summer, I have extra energy (although I have to watch out that it doesn't tip over into mania).
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2017-07-21 12:00 am

Sigh of Relief?

Good news: It looks like the Library Director candidate has accepted the offer, and now HR is doing a background check. There is a possible start date of August 7th, with my current boss leaving on the 1st, so there will be hardly any time that I will be on my own.

I got into a lengthy discussion with my boss about the new resources that we're getting for the new majors at the college. I have a long list of other books to order.

I ran to the store tonight and picked up enough cat food to last until I get paid again. The diet and exercise group that I'm in is into riced cauliflower, which I didn't know existed, so I picked up some frozen riced cauliflower with Italian cheese sauce and some frozen broccoli. I'm planning to make it with scrambled eggs and Italian seasoning. I hope that it'll be good.

It was 98 degrees F according to my car when I went to dinner tonight. Sweat is pouring down my face as I type right now. I just clutched a bottle of cold soda to my bosom. Harlee looks like she melted onto the futon. I'm glad that I'm planning to stay home tomorrow, except that I might walk in the park across the street if I can get up the willpower. Speaking of which, my FitBit was estimated to arrive today and didn't. I looked for a tracking number, but the eBay seller never sent me one. Sigh. I hope that it arrives tomorrow.
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2017-07-20 02:41 am

Losing It

I did laundry the other week, and washed my beige pants and top, but couldn't find my beige blazer. I thought that was odd, and was looking around the house for it, but didn't find it. Tonight, something told me to look in the laundry basket again. (No, I didn't put my clothes away because I'm low on closet space. I need to go through my closet and figure out where I can put stuff.) And there it was. Good, because I really needed that outfit. Oy, I'm losing it.
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2017-07-20 12:46 am

Hiring a New Library Director

Oh, I forgot to mention that we decided to make an offer to our top candidate for the Library Director position. I hope that the negotiation is quick and fruitful. It's obvious that I'll have some time in August in which I'm running the library by myself, but I hope that it won't be really long. Our top candidate has to move from out of state though, so that might take a while. I'm already getting reports that ordinarily would go to the Library Director.
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2017-07-19 11:37 pm

Stiff and Sore Day

For some reason, the joints in my left fingers and left knee have been aching today. Acetaminophen helped. It's not tiredness; I don't feel tired. Could the weather have something to do with it? It's. Freaking. Hot.

I've been "weeding" the books having to do with medicine at the library, and oh, is that section in bad shape. I've been getting rid of a lot of stuff because there's nothing so out-of-date as an old book about medicine. I'm been ordering new books to replace some of them. Always fun spending other people's money!

I thought that my road trip blog theme had a three-column layout, but apparently it doesn't. Oh well. I should have gotten the other theme. I'll live with it.

The day perked up a lot though. Someone from a library journal saw my poster from the big library conference online and invited me to write an article based on the poster for their journal! Woo-hoo! (I did a little strut/dance that I'm glad that no one saw.)

Did I say that it was hot? It's too hot to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, so I guess that I'll go clean. Everything has its uses.
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2017-07-19 12:36 am

...And Tuesday, Tuesday

Feeling kind of tired today. Overslept. We're having an "excessive heat warning," which doesn't help. And right now, it's raining.

Started a "weeding" project at work with our medicine-related books (the books that get used the most). They're really old and useless.

One of the members of the search committee is out this week, so I think that is slowing the hiring process down.

I feel like I have less and less to say. I have a few things to get done before I go to sleep, so I better get cracking.
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2017-07-17 11:48 pm

Monday, Monday

Work was quiet. My boss wasn't there, which I didn't expect. I haven't heard anything about the hiring process for the new Library Director. Last I heard, we were waiting on the last reference check.

I have not been able to connect with the vet about Harlee. I think that I'm going to e-mail them.

I've gained a couple of followers in my blog's Instagram and Twitter feeds. It's a start.

That's about it.
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2017-07-16 11:33 pm

Down the Facebook Hole

I finished my blog post. Then I took a nap while it stormed. (I didn't get my walk in.) Then I fell down the Facebook hole, and spent too much time there. Threw myself together and ran to the store. Fed the girls, and now I'm feeding myself.

One of the part-time workers at the library is insisting that there were typos in our top candidate's application materials that I can't find. She's the type of person who looks for problems though.

I need to do a few things online, and then I'll work on the kitchen until I go to bed.
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2017-07-16 02:16 pm

Lazy Morning

I didn't set an alarm, and slept until 11:30. Got the cats and myself fed. Snuggled with Harlee. I tried to take a nap, but couldn't fall asleep, which is a good thing. I've been having problems taking naps lately.

It's going to be a real scorcher today. I'd go to the gym to walk on the treadmill, but I received a phone message that the payment didn't go through, even though I had money in my bank account. That seems to happen half the time. My friend Jude was having the same problems, and she told me to go to the gym during the day and check the info that they have on the system. It's weird that it sometimes goes through though. Maybe I'll walk across the street.

I'm planning to alternate working on the blog and cleaning. Love three-day weekends; it's long enough to have some R & R, but still get things done.
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2017-07-15 11:00 pm

Mom Report

Mom's pain came back, although this time it's near her knee. She's going to see the pain doctor next week. I hope that he can help. She hasn't been sleeping well because of it.

Mom is stressing because her trip to Europe is coming up, and she's not sure if she should go or not. Also, my uncle has had more fluid around his heart, although the doctor is just watching it right now.

She's been talking about her stress to more people, which is good because she needs a chance to vent.

She's interested in the places that I've been visiting or plan to visit. She wants to take a road trip!

She's concerned about Harlee, as am I. The vet tried to reach me today, but I missed the call. The vet said that she had some ideas of things to do for Harlee. I hope that I'll catch her on Monday and see what they are.
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2017-07-15 06:43 pm

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

My knee was spasming out when I went to bed last night, and it really hurt. I had a hard time falling asleep. As a consequence, I overslept this morning, and got myself together too late to go to the Route 66 museum in Pontiac.

So I decided to take old Route 66 to the next town NE of here, Atlanta, IL. There was a restaurant there done up in old '50s style that I had been to before. While I was driving there, I remembered that there was a grain elevator museum that I've always wanted to check out. So I drove around Atlanta looking for it. I drove right past it because I was looking for a modern grain elevator, and this one was wooden and painted red. It had a self-guided tour that explained how the grain elevator worked.

Then a decided to take a picture of the tiny Carnegie (I think) library. While I was there, I realized that I was close to the restaurant, but there was a museum next to the restaurant. I decided to go in. It had an arcade museum with old video games--Space Invaders! Pac-man! I took some pictures there, and then checked out the rest of the museum, and took lots of pictures.

Then I went to the restaurant. I had a large (1/3 pound!) frisco melt with homemade potato chips, and blackberry pie a la mode for dessert. I'm stuffed. Burp.

I had a great time, and I have lots to write about for the blog.