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Organizing the home office has run into a bit of a snag. I have a wheeled computer cart that I want to get rid of. I listed it on Freecycle...and no one responded. I listed it on Craig's List...and thus far no one has responded. It probably would cost $100 to get someone to take it to the dump, and besides, I hate to dump a perfectly good piece of furniture.

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Got up at a decent hour this morning to have a blood test done (15 minute drive). Then I brought a couple of old computers to the Computer Recycling Center (1 hour drive round-trip). Then I returned some stuff to the pet store (1/2 hour drive round trip). Then I talked to my mom. Then I went back out to pick up a paper shredder that someone on Freecycle gave me (40 minutes round trip). I ate a couple of times in the middle of all that. Now I'm pooped (must be all the driving).

Someone in the Tightwad Gazette suggested using shredded newspaper as kitty litter, so I'm going to try it and see what happens.

The question is whether I'm going to some garage sales tomorrow or not. I'll decide tomorrow. In general, I need to get rid of stuff more than buy stuff, but I could use some clothes and microwave-safe cookware.
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I feel like everything that I have to say is redundant. No, I still don't have a job. Yes, I'm still looking. Yes, I'm still working on getting the place organized.

I suppose having nothing to say never stopped me before.

The car is now being fixed. The rental car is a cute Dodge Neon that's fun to drive. The only problem is that I left my parking permit in the Honda, so I have to park the Neon out on the street.

I'm not sure if my air conditioning is working or not. It doesn't seem to cool the place off very quickly. On the other hand, it got really stuffy in here when I turned the a/c off. Either way, I shouldn't run the a/c often. I've turned on my oscillating pedestal fans in the living room and the bedroom. Harlee was really dubious about the fan in the living room, but now she seems to realize that it cools her off. I looked for another fan for the home office, but WalMart didn't have any out yet. Hey, it can get hot in May. It is hot (high 80s and low 90s).

I talked to a recruiter about a job that didn't pan out. Now I'm talking to another one.

I gave away a medium-sized box worth of stuff on Freecycle.

I'm investigating ways of hanging clothes to dry (indoors) instead of drying them in the dryer, but at a cost of 40 cents a dryer load, most solutions have a long break-even point. I did see a picture of a jury-rigged setup in the Tightwad Gazette, but I'm not sure if I'll try it or not.

And yes, I've been reading the Tightwad Gazette before I go to sleep. It's amusing reading and I've learned a few things.


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